Module for creating forms with different design and functionality in your prestashop shop


Module to create custom contact forms, tests, surveys, fields... graphics to establish statistics.

Prestashop Version: PrestaShop 8
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Why do I need this module?

If you want to create contact forms in your shop you can not miss this module. With it you can create forms of records, type forms surveys, tests test or written answer, consult the opinion about a product or service, solve the doubts... everything you need and with the style you want since you can change the colors, add images to the questions and answers, add icons... And as if it wasn't enough AwFieldsForm also allows you to get graphics responses sent by the customers for what you can study the results easily for appraisal. You can also bind a form to another, in such a way that the customer can be completing different "phases". Don't miss it and already knows all the innovations that AwFieldsForm can bring to your business.


Thanks to this module:

Your customers You can consult your doubts, fill out the forms that solices you form amy simple, make encuenta sy different queries to get discounts

You You can get all the information you need from your clients, including surveys on products, best product selection, tests... You can also create different forms and adapt them to customers who want to get information and use it to improve your attention towards them and your services.

All the features of the module:

Create forms customized with the fields that you want to

If you need to know some specific data of your customers to proceed to registration in your shop or want to know your opinion above in your ecommerce, product performance, on the process of purchase... you need to create custom forms.

These forms may contain questions that are answered by selecting the most appropriate answer or typing the answer manually, may be binding or not, can have a fixed such as a telephone or postal code format... and all those guys should be able to added and validated. As with AwOrderFields, you can do that and much more.

You can convert to users who fill out the form in customers and create fields of the following types:

Add the types of fields you need in each form

You can also add several different answers questions, establish the correct answer to a question, add captchas to maintain security, display the form directly on the page or via a link and customize it as it best suits to your needs.

Sets the pattern of each response and verifies that it is correct

When you create a form and need that a customer fills out a field that is important as the telephone, the dni, the IBAN bank account... is necessary to verify that this is correct. Therefore, the module AwFieldsForm contains an option to add the pattern of HTML5 for each field. In this way the module will automatically detect if customer has not added the information correctly.

sets the response pattern to be correct

It increases the conversion of your PrestaShop store and turns visitors into customers by filling out a form

When you manage to get a customer to your site you can't miss it. With this module you can create a form to register your store visitors and convert them into customers. You can add the fields that you want to make them mandatory, add a captcha and even link it to a cms legal conditions to comply with the European data protection (GDPR) Regulation. (Even you have not prepared your store, see how to do it here)

You can see an example of a created registration form a AwFieldsForm here:

Solicits the opinion about a product with an attractive surveys

With AwFieldsForm you can create polls about any aspect of your website or product you want. You can also show the answers as icons to make them more visible to your customers. You can combine them and choose which best suits your needs.

You can see an example here:

create attractive surveys by adding images and icons

Create online tests and forget to fix manually

Do you have a driving school, an Academy or simply want to create courses with tests on your website? With AwFieldsForm, it is already possible. You can create tests with different responses e even with true/false option. In addition, from the configuration you can specify the correct answer so the module itself will assess the percentage of hits from users. You can see an example of test type test with 4 possible answers here:

It automatically creates different types of test and corriguelos

You can also group the questions in different blocksIf you want to try more than one theme in the same test and want to divide it and make it false type:

From the configuration, you can choose if the user can submit the form more than once or not and if you can go back and change your answer before sending the results.

If the user can go back the forward and backward arrows are displayed so back to the question you want to. You can also choose if you allow the user to see the final result and if the answers are correct or not.

create quizzes with different options

In any case in which won't have to occupy your time is correct, then the module will show you each user's answer to each question. Thus you will see the results of each without any effort and the overall results in order to obtain a percentage of hits.

Receive an email when the form is submitted by a client

You like to find out instantly that a customer has make a question, answered a survey or sent a form? With AwFieldsForm you can set an email address for each form in such a way that each one will reach the right person to manage quickly and efficiently. In addition, you will also find a tab of Envoys within the configuration of the module where you can view the sent forms, customer emal shipping it, order, replies, and the date. In addition you can also access to Statistics.

You know the satisfaction of your clients with a survey and find out what you should improve your PrestaShop

When you think a form of type "quiz", i.e., with questions and answers, you can make a query of the statistics of the responses of customers to conduct an assessment.

You'll see a graph for each question, the responses of each of the submitted forms. As in this example:

the module will create a chart with the answers to assess the results.

In this way you can conduct a study on the functioning of your web, know the opinion of a product or a service, query your customers need or want.

Associated forms and organizes the answers in steps to achieve the information you need

The AwFieldsForm module allows partner forms between them and establish steps, in such a way that depending on the response of the customer is displayed to the user one or another option.

These steps will allow you to order questions, send the customer to one or another form depending on your needs, and get the information you need in each case.

Based on this premise will be able to create different points to get the information you need from a customer or to idle giving different answers and thus automate frequently asked questions system.


Create forms and private fields in the personal accounts of customers

If you need information in particular of your customers data and want private, AwFieldForm also you can do it. The module allows you to add forms within the private account of each user, so you must be registered to add that information. In this way the billing address can get, for example, banking data of your customers...