10 hour bonus


Hire a specialized PrestaShop technician to solve all your needs, without permanence

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Optimize your support with the 10-hour bonus

Our 10-Hour Bonus is a comprehensive solution to boost performance and solve any PrestaShop challenge you may face. Why settle for one hour when you can guarantee ten?

Thanks to our 10-hour package:

Take advantage of the experience of our expert programmers. It's the perfect solution for your needs that without commitment of permanence. Your online store deserves the expert attention we can offer.

Advantages of our 10-hour bonus:

Save by buying more hours

By purchasing our 10-hour voucher, you not only get our assistance, but you also enjoy savings in price compared to the standard 1-hour price. It's the perfect formula for maximizing the value of your investment.

No Worries of Permanence

You need assistance but no restraints? Our 10-hour bonus gives you total flexibility. Decide when to use the hours and how to allocate them, without long-term commitments.

I work with experienced programmers

Our no outsourcing policy ensures that every hour of work in your store comes from an experienced member of our team. Work directly with professionals who know your platform perfectly.

Make the most of every hour and elevate your online store to new levels of performance and functionality with our 10-Hour Bonus. Make your purchase today!