20 hour bonus


Ensure the help of a PrestaShop specialist for as long as you need

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Optimize your support with the 20-hour bonus

Boost the efficiency of your online store with our 20-hour bonus, a strategic option that offers you specialist support at an exceptional price. Every hour counts, and with this package, you get more than attendance; you get an hourly discount of over 8%.

Thanks to our 20-hour package:

Enjoy the quality of our expert programmers at a reduced price. With an hourly discount of over 8%, we give you the opportunity to maximize your budget and get optimal results on every task.

Advantages of our 20-hour bonus:

Saving by Hour

By choosing the 20-Hour Bonus, you not only get extended support, but you also enjoy an hourly discount of over 8%. This means that every minute of attendance translates into significant savings for your online store.

Maximum Efficiency

This package gives you the flexibility to allocate hours according to your needs. No long-term commitments, no strings attached. Work efficiently with our team of experts and watch your online store reach new heights of performance.

Work with Experienced Experts

No outsourcing or middlemen. Every hour of work comes directly from our team, ensuring quality service and efficiency in every task. Your online store deserves the best care, and we make sure to provide it.

Take a step towards the smart growth of your online store. With the 20-hour bonus, you not only get support, you get a strategic partnership for continued success. Take advantage of this special discount today!