On-time development time


Enjoy the flexibility by hiring a PrestaShop expert for the hours you need, without being subject to permanence. Test it.

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Why hire hourly bonuses?

Having expert support is essential in the age of online commerce. With our 1-Hour Bonus, we offer you immediate access to a PrestaShop specialist to address your specific needs.

What can you accomplish at this hour? From custom development to incident resolution, module configuration, and any other tasks related to your online store. We adapt to your requirements with efficiency and professionalism.

Thanks to our hourly bonuses:

You can take advantage of the experience of an expert programmer without committing to long-term hiring. With no tenure, you decide when and how much you need our support. Select the one-hour voucher and we're on our way.

Advantages of our one-hour bonus:

Requests tasks of any kind

Whether it's custom development, troubleshooting a specific module or adding new functionality, there are no limits. With our 1-hour bonus, we will assign the most qualified member of our team to each task.


Do you need technical assistance just on the spot? This is the ideal solution. Avoid hiring someone new for days or months of work. Select the hours you need and we'll be at your disposal immediately.

He only works with experts

In Alabaz, we do not outsource any work. You can be sure that the person who works in your shop is an integral part of our team, with our absolute trust.