Super Budgets


Module to create quotes from the backoffice of your PrestaShop store and send them directly to your client's personal account

Prestashop Version: 1.7
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Why do I need this module?

If you're looking for a module to send budgets to your clients you're in the best place. With Superbudget you can create budgets from the back office of your PrestaShop by adding products that are in your catalog and other tasks that you can include manually.

Your customers will receive their project estimate in their user account and from there they can consult the document, purchase the products directly or reject the budget if they disagree.

If the customer does not respond within the time you estimate in the configuration, the quote will directly be cancelled, so that the customer cannot accept it when the service conditions have changed, a product has been sold out, etc.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers you will have all the quotes you requested organized in your customer account, where you can download them in pdf. They can also accept or reject them directly, without having to do anything but press a button.

You you can easily create budgets, both with products from your catalogue and with other charges that you do not have in your preschool. In addition, you can easily send them to your customers and edit or modify them when you need to.

All functionalities of the module:

Create budgets from the back office of your PrestaShop store

If you want to create budgets from your PrestaShop without needing any external programs or connections, with our superbudget module it is already possible. Forget about having to manually add different products that you have in your catalog, prices, to check availability... because with this module you can search for products from your preshop and add them directly.

In addition, with Superbudget you don't have to re-enter your customer's data for each budget, since with this module you can search for their name or email and directly upload the information you have stored in your store about that customer. You won't have to manually add his address, ID, phone... anything. And that way you'll avoid mistakes.

elige el cliente al que quieres enviar tu presupuesto


Manually add extra amounts to your budgets

Do you have to charge your customer for labor, travel, installation, or any other service that is not created as a product in PrestaShop? It's not a problem either because with SuperBudget you can manually add the elements you want, with its independent price and different rates.

In addition, the module also allows you to add the cost of shipping, selecting from the different carriers in your store. In addition, you can choose whether you want the transport to be free, whether you want to add a personalized cost or whether you want the usual fare to be charged.

Agregar productos y otros conceptos a tu presupuesto

Control all your budgets with SuperBudget

Once you've created a quote, you can send it directly to your customer with just one click. If you are confused, you can also modify it or directly delete it. Once you have submitted it, the customer will be able to view it in the My budgets” in your customer account. From here you can add all products directly to the cart and pay. In this way the budget will become directly a request. The customer may also reject the quote. In that case, it will appear in the back office as rejected.

listado de presupuestos con los diferentes estados

From the module settings you can see the different default states so a ticket can go through, but if you prefer you can create your own states.

Set up your module's custom options

Are you worried about a client taking too long to accept a quote? With this module you can configure a expiry date any number of days you want. That way, if you want the client to respond within a week to your quote and they don't, the quote gets canceled.

You can also set the name of budget and format you want it to have, adding a prefix and the number of characters to create the reference.

You can also configure whether or not you want to use products from your prestashop catalog, send the quote to your customers and allow them to view them from their personal account.

establece las opciones generales de tu modulo de presupuestos

Your customers will always be aware of your budget

Whenever you send a quote to one of your clients, you can access their personal account under "My Budgets" to consult it. From there you can download a pdf with the information, add the product directly to the cart accepting the quote or, if you disagree, reject it, but never edit it.

el cliente podrá aceptar, rechazar o descargar el presupuesto

The customer can pay the cost of the quote without having to leave the page, directly from the budget window.

el cliente podrá pagar su presupuesto sin tener que salir de la pagina

In addition, all budgets will be kept on that list so that you can review them when you need to. This way your customers will always be informed.


Do you want to start offering quotes now in the simplest way? Then try our module, I'm sure you'll love it and it will help you manage your business much better