The day of the dead... gives life to your store!

The dates can become a great moment to get the most out of our online trade. These dates vary in different localities, regions and countries but there are some that are important to virtually worldwide. This is, every year, the case of Halloween. Therefore leverage its success can bring great benefits also for you.
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The day of the dead... gives life to your store!

Whenever there is a date it is important that we bear it in mind because it is possible that we can obtain certain benefits, although, in General, our store does not have much to do with this festival. Fantasma Halloween

In this post we will talk about the next date which is none other than Halloween.


Each year is more common that the physical business and streets will flood this terrifying spirit these days but why not can do the same thing in our online shop?

Making small changes to your design we can achieve that it attracts all those who click on it, thus this click happen to be a customer... You must take this special account if you have clients outside of our borders, although in Spain not held too, it is a highly anticipated celebration in other countries.

Murcielágo Halloween

Also make it too attractive for those who are already your customers, so you are going to detail some issues that can not miss in your online store:


-Use for your Web site typical of these date colors such as orange, purple, black.

If you like make a small change in your logo, putting some detail these date-related, always keeping in mind not to cover it too.


-Place banners in strategic locations, for example, contained related to halloween.

-Create special promotions on the occasion of the party, it is a way to attract customers. A good option can be to make discount coupon, so our customer can benefit from it.

You can offer your products but without having necessarily to be costumes, candies...


-Reports of shape your products online, let know on social networks so you can capture the maximum of clients.

Calabaza Halloween

-Create a blog and writes about the benefits of your articles, although, as we have already said, they are not especially related to the holiday. You will not matter if offers special benefits to your customers.

-You can use bond of sponsorship, i.e., if a client brings you to another offering you a discount in Exchange. He thinks that attracts all those who are customers always the idea of receiving something in return, whenever it is to our benefit.

These are some of the ideas that you can carry out these days in order to obtain the maximum benefit from your PrestaShop store. Of course, at a party like this, originality is very important so that you can add all the options that you can think: Witches, pumpkins, skulls, potions and sweets. The important thing is that you get the attention of your customers and get the best results.

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