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Why do not the attributes appear in MegaProduct?

Published : 29/10/2015 00:00:00
Categories : Improvements for your Prestashop store

Why do not the attributes appear in MegaProduct?

If we think of a module with many possibilities and different configurations, that is, without a doubt MegaProducts. No matter what you sell, your size, measurements, material... with MegaProducts You can configure all of your options.

It is important to mention, looking to the configuration of the Megaproduct, should take into account that one thing is the fact of creating different attributes and another that these can be displayed. Then this concept is clarified.

Having the following configuration is not enough if we want customers to see the attributes associated with a specific product:

configuracion atributos megaproduct

Remember that to get to this step, it is necessary to have the attributes and their values created previously in PrestaShop. You only have to access to the tabs Catalog > attributes of products

Once we have the attributes created for a specific product, we can assign that values, amounts or limits, so they are displayed on the product page, we need something more => CREATE GROUPS:

configurar grupos megaproduct

Once created this group of test "color" it is necessary to add to the above the various attributes that you want. To do this we have to access the option (from the pencil icon) and editing the values you want to show in that group:

configurar grupos megaproduct


Finally we can see these attributes in our online store product page:

configurar grupos megaproduct

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