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Get the maximum performance of reservation module

Published : 09/11/2015 00:00:00
Categories : Improvements for your Prestashop store

Get the maximum performance of reservation module

If you have a company of reservation of services such as a hotel, a restaurant, a country house, car rental, excursions... sure you have already discovered that the best module for managing your company is MegaServices.

With this module you can set different availability of services and price for a date or specific time, indicate which days are available your services, apply attributes to customize your products and display it as images, buttons, listed... create rules to hide options depending on the needs of your customers and manage all this from the back office, designing your own tickets to send to your customers when they made their reservation

Did you know that you could do all these things? Would you like to learn how to perform all this type of settings? Learn to configure all the options that you offer in your business? Can find the best solutions?

Thus, we offer you to learn all that and more with a training course planned, directed and taught by their own Developer module, Jorge Donet.

Cartel curso megaservices con informacion extra

Jorge is the person who knows best the module and all its possibilities. In addition, if you need some feature that can not be, the you will find the best way to create that option for you and your business.

The squares they are very limited so attention will be maximum for each of the participants. In this way we make sure that each and every one of the students take advantage of the course to the maximum and to implement everything I learned.

In addition, will be available to all attendees the video with the content full class so that they can return to see him whenever they need it.

You can not miss this unique opportunity. It will be the 18 November at 15:00 hours. In just three hours you will become an expert and you can resolve all doubts arising you.

Cartel curso megaservices informacion básica

The price of the course is of €59 But if, in addition, you want to renew your module and get the latest version of MegaServices with new, we offer you the possibility of obtaining the course fee and the extra license for only €159. You will save 50% of the actual cost of this renovation.

To register simply to purchase the course here and you will be registered as a student automatically. Remember to choose the option if you want to take the opportunity and renew your module licensed. If you purchased MegaServices less than a year ago don't worry, you can update your version without additional cost.

Don't you think it more because you will not find an opportunity like this to learn of the real expert.

If you have any questions contact us by writing a ticket within your personal space in AlabazWeb Pro within the section 'Submit a ticket' or call us on the phone (+ 34) 91 874 68 57 / (+ 34) 927.57.10.38.

You have an appointment with MegaServices. Do not miss it.

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