Discover the easiest way to have an sexshop online

If you want to set up your own dropshipping online sexshop and don't know or where to start, we now offer you a pack with which can have your list store directly to sell in a fast and easy way.

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Discover the easiest way to have an sexshop online

Today it is easier sell on the internet and, of course, to the erotic products they have joined this form of purchase. In fact, thanks to the discretion that offers buying online, these products have become some of the best sellers.

Thanks to several providers offering dropshipping It can facilitate the sale of such articles and how to manage those requests.


In this post we will try everything to have an sexshop online.


In AlabazWeb we have of a Pack Portal Web Sexshop Grutinet very complete for can begin selling directly in shop/sexshop.


First need a space where to stay the shop, we have of servers quality optimized in Prestashop. That this style shop to come on a server you need a intermediate hosting. This server has a capacity of 3 gigabytes of hard drive and 100 gigabytes of transfer. With this hosting your store will be charged with many speed and thus will not have to stop waiting for customers to navigate through it.

In addition, you install the latest version of prestashop that is available in that server's hosting so have the shop as up-to-date as possible.


Very important, here we will deal with the provider Grutinetone of the most outstanding Spanish suppliers of the erotic sector.


In this pack we include the importer and grutinet shipping module:


-Importing Grutinet: with the will have an assortment catalogue of products with all the necessary information as well as stocks and prices updated in a single click, using a CRON task.

You will save time when boarding all the articles, and you thus automatically have them at the store in an instant.


-Grutinet shipping module: not all drop ship vendors give the option of having this type of module/service. Grutinet provides to customers this option and for this reason we have created a module to make the process of shipping of orders from our store to Grutinet automatic. In this way you will not have to be aware of the store whenever you receive an order, since when you get sent to Grutinet manually so that they are in charge of delivering the product to your customer. The submission process is performed using Webservice.


When you have all the products in your store and can achieve that it is always up-to-date and shipments are carried out correctly to the wholesaler, you must take into account also so that customers can process the purchase of items that wish to acquire you need a secure payment methods. This pack includes the Paypal module and Redsys POS:

-PayPal: payment, this payment method module is the most comfortable and safe.

-TPV (Redsýs): with this module you offer your customers the option to pay quickly for fast and safe way with your card.


And, finally, you install a template as it appears in this image:

Ejemplo plantilla sexshop grutinet. Página inicio



To complete your shop and you can start to sell at that time, also configure for you 4 cms for content that you want. Before doing so, we have to send information that you want to include on your website: Disclaimer, conditions of purchase, about your company...


This is all you need to have an sexshop online. Purchase our pack and you will have everything you need to start selling.

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