Discover all the secrets of MegaProduct

A module as complete as MegaProduct, with so many options and possibilities of different configuration can always generate some doubts. If you have this module in your store PrestaShop can not miss the opportunity to learn all their secrets from the hand of its developer, Jorge Donet. Jorge will teach you better than anybody else to configure your module and improve your performance in your store. November 25, you have an appointment with MegaProduct. Don't miss it!

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Discover all the secrets of MegaProduct

If you looked for a long time and looked to find ways to sell your products with custom measures, different shapes, sizes, units of measure... and finally opted for the option of installing MegaProduct, sure that you've already discovered that it has plenty of options. Do you know how to set up all your products? Do you have questions about how to set the price of an article based on your measurements? Not know the latest updates from? MegaProduct?


Because it's over. You have a very full module and you have to know how to take the maximum advantage and squeezing all of their options.


So from AlabazWeb Pro we have decided to provide a training course to solve all your doubts and teach you how to set up all the necessary options for your products, whatever.


And how could it be otherwise we have an outstanding professor, own Developer module, Jorge Donet. Can someone who knows more than MegaProduct think of you?


The course will take place the next 25 November from 15:00 hours. They will be 2 hours to learn the settings of the module and 1 hour more to resolve any doubts that may have.


Places are limited to only 15 people per group, so attention will be maximum. In addition, you will only need one free Skype account so you can do the course from where you want.


After the completion of the course will be available to all participants the full video of the class so that you can return to consult it whenever you need it and you can follow all the steps for the configuration of the module.


By €59 you will learn to configure the module to suit the needs of your products and you can ask all your questions. And, in addition, if you want to take the opportunity to update your module to the latest version, we offer you a great deal. You can register for the course and obtain a new license for only MegaProduct €159. You will save 50% of the actual cost of the renewal of the license.


It is very simple to register for the course. You only have to purchase the course and you will be registered as a student automatically. Remember to choose the option with extra license if you want to also want to renew your module at the best price. If you have MegaProduct less than a year ago don't worry, you can update your version without additional cost.


If you have any questions contact us by writing a ticket within your personal space in AlabazWeb Pro within the section 'Submit a ticket' or call us on the phone(+ 34) 91 874 68 57 / (+ 34) 927.57.10.38.

Not think it more. They are only 15 seats and a unique opportunity to learn from the people who know more of MegaProduct.

Module to customize custom products (m2, m3, inches), calculation of structures, weights (kg)  - Product Page PrestaShop Modules

Module to customize custom products (m2, m3, inches), calculation of structures, weights (kg)

Improve your PrestaShop for industrial structured sales with MegaProducts. Designed for businesses that require precise customization of products in measurements (m2, m3, inches) and calculation of structures and weights (kg). Ideal for configuring complex products such as curtains, metal structures, bulk foods and jewelry, simplifying the sale of items defined by mass, length

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