Three steps to associate with a particular product manufacturers

Would you like to learn how to associate your products with their manufacturers from the backoffice without having to import all this information via CSV? Because to do so only you have to follow three simple steps. Do not miss it.

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Three steps to associate with a particular product manufacturers

For anyone wanting to pitch your own tent with prestashop online it is important to know how a manufacturer can be associated with specific product from the backoffice, as an alternative to the import by csv.



Step 1


Since manufacturers can upload a logo call sign, name, etc.

From address the address with different fields such as postal code, country, etc.



Step 2


Finally the manufacturer we associate with the product in question.



So easy so you bring your customers information very valuable for them, know who is the manufacturer of the products acquired may be the key that they prefer or not by purchase. Remember that there are very loyal to a specific brand customers so it is always advisable to offer this information.


You've seen that in some simple steps you can complete your item information. Wait no longer and offers your clients the best information to increase the success of your business.



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