6 tips to avoid the slope of January in your ecommerce

After days of increased consumption of the year, sales tend to plummet. Maintain sales during those days and continue making profits is not an easy task, but following a good marketing strategy and take into account some aspects you can get to sell and to overcome the dreaded "slope of January"
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6 tips to avoid the slope of January in your ecommerce

After Christmas and the large disbursement of money that this entails, consumers tend to slow down the pace of its purchases to deal in the best possible way to the dreaded "slope of January". However, if you have an ecommerce, you can follow these tips to continue generating revenue.

Therefore, you must follow these keys:

  • You should keep in mind that there must be a protagonist clear in your store at time of sale always and cannot be other than the discount.

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  • The main objective should be to your customers know all bids You can offer them these days. So your best ally may be social media.

  • It uses newsletters to inform your clients about your discounts. It creates a visual newsletter that highlight the discounts.

  • It rewards your most loyal customers with gifts, loyalty points or rebate checks to take advantage these days to redeem them. Thus you will recognize their confidence throughout the year. Thus you will manage to increase sales in these days and loyalty to people who have been interested in your online store at other times.

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  • Given a main space to any of the products of the new season. In this way customers who come to see your offers may also view the new products.

  • Keep the quality in all your services and services. Although prices are lower these days you can not modify options essential to your customers as the shipping time, the options of payment, etc.

Remember that so that all these tips are really useful and beneficial for your business it is necessary that you think a good marketing strategy and prepare everything you need with advance. In this way you will avoid last minute problems especially during the first days of sales where customers leverage to make returns and purchase those items that have been waiting for.

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