Importance of branding in your online store

A picture is worth a thousand words. Safe qe has escruchado this a million times, and the truth is that this popular saying is also true in online trading. Do you know the importance that has the brand image in your business? Are you giving the effort required? Today you have the reason for its importance and we explain how to achieve the best result.
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Importance of branding in your online store

Do you know that the brand image of your store can help you turn more? Some studies indicate that only a store design can be more than 20% conversionexcluding this percentage of marketing strategies.

If you want to know what can do you to improve the image of your business and affects how you pay attention to what I'm going to tell you.

The brand image of an online store is made up of many aspects that relate closely the graphic or aesthetic appearance with the emotional bond that is created with the client to share or not certain psychological and/or emotional values with him. I.e. pretty or cared that is our image will help connect better or worse with our target audience, without going into rational aspects.

As for the aesthetic aspects indicate that not only influences the logo and slogan for a brand, but also selected corporate colours, graphics such as images, animations or videos used resources, tone with which we went to customers... and many other factors are involved.

Moreover, it is essential that you are aware of that brand image directly affects aspects such as usability and user experience from our online shop. You will then explain what aspects must analyze and have in mind to establish a correct brand image.

Brand image: types

Within the brand image we can differentiate three types of images that have any business:

  • The perceived image; It is one that our online shop customers have

  • The actual image; It is the image that the company itself, i.e. the workers themselves, they have the business itself.

  • The desired image; the latter is how the company would like customers to perceive your brand.

la imagen de marca es muy importante en el comercio online

It is essential to analyse and study in depth these three types of marks to learn first hand about the strengths and weaknesses of our brand image, and she begin to improve it.

If it's a company or new business, which has not yet defined its image, it must focus on the desired image and work hard to make the actual and perceived image as close as possible to the desired image.

Logo, corporate colors, messages... Everything that includes the image of a brand

The image of a company or business brand encompasses from the logo and slogan the company, passing by the established corporate colours and graphic resources used until you get to the treatment with customers. All these elements should be harmony between them conveying the same idea and a same emotions that make the target user to connect quickly with our products or services.

Therefore we will focus mainly in its emotional and intuitive, leaving aside the rational aspects. So we must choose a language, colours and a typeface that reflects our values, those that we share with our target audience.  For example, if our business is aimed to young people who love nature should use green colors, a relaxed and readable typeface and a direct treatment, you to you.

importancia colores corporativos imagen de marca

How it affect usability and user experience?

Our brand image has a direct influence on usability and the user experience, since is responsible for working the aesthetics of the tent so that the customer feels emotionally identified and can make the process of browsing or purchase in an intuitive way.

Like the other elements which we have listed above, the design that we use on our web site, the colors, the layout of the elements and the calls to action (Call to Action) that we use must contribute to you browse our store so intuitive and comfortable.

All the elements must transmit the same emotion. For this reason, it is convenient to use always same language and aesthetics in all resources used.

logra que los clientes se sientan identificados con los valores de tu marca

With a well-established brand image we must induce in user interest buy or book our product or service immediately. Generating confidence and sharing values with them, thus no need to contrast information emerging out them, compare prices... If not directly feel identified and committed, and purchase our product because they share our values.

If you are still not convinced you the importance of brand image...

la imagen de tu marca es indispensable

Wait no more and starts to analyze how they view your customers to your business, how you think you see and how you want to see that you. That is the first step that you must take to create and consolidate a brand image that improves the percentage of conversion of your online store.

Soon we will give you some keys to make better your image in a completely effective way.

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