World Internet day, and that what is?

On 17 May is celebrated World Day of Internet, this means of communication is present in almost all Spanish households and offers great opportunities for business enterprises.

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World Internet day, and that what is?

World Internet Day is celebrated on 17 May to raise awareness of the importance of communication and information technologies.

Although the majority of Spaniards know it, since 2005 was established the 17 may as world day for Internet. With the aim of promoting the technologies of information and communication (technology ICT) and to publicize how new technologies can improve the quality of life of the population.

In 2005 were already connected to the network more than the 50% of the world's population, figure that in our country exceeded 90%. After 10 years the number of connections continued to increase especially by the arrival on the market of smartphones. Currently, in Spain, 8 out of 10 users access the internet through your mobile phone.

However, if we speak of electronic transactions, few Spaniards rely on internet to make a purchase. Only the 28% of Spanish Internet users purchased a product through the network in 2015, compared to 72% of Britons.

With so many users connected to internet, and the sales growth forecast over the internet, if we compare ourselves to other European countries. Is interesting that only the 18.1% of Spanish businesses to have an online version their business, below, for example, of the 25% of German retailers.

All these data make to Spain in one of the countries with the greatest growth potential, in terms of electronic commerce, both in the creation of new eCommerces and the number of sales of existing ones.

So it is time to take advantage of this situation and dare to make the leap. There are very simple ways of create a shop on the internet, without great knowledge in programming, for example using PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, or Joomla CMS.

The system used in Spain is PrestaShop, by its simplicity, for being open source and be free. In addition, boasts one of the most active communities, having recently reached the million members in our country.

And if you want to enrich your online store by adding features that improve the service offeredYou can acquire modules both the PrestaShop Addons and external suppliers such as Innova Deluxe, esPrestaShop, line graph or AlabazWebwhich also is celebrating by sale no. 10,000.

All these data reflect the potential that have the eCommerce, which make them an almost sure bet you decide to pass to the other side?

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