Everything you should know about dropshipping

Dropshipping has become one of the most widely used for e-commerce alternatives. Whether selling through platforms such as ebay or amazon or creating own shops, this business model increases the number of followers each day. Its advantages include not having to have a physical almecen or permanent stock, which allows to start the business with a minimal investment. But to succeed in this business, the most important thing is find a suitable provider and keep your up to date shop.
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Everything you should know about dropshipping


For a few years so far, the dropshipping He has gone from unknown to one of the safer alternatives to start a business on the internet.

Not need a huge investment to start your business is one of the main reasons so many users have decided to sell products which, in reality, do not have physically through the network. Many choose to sell these products through well known such as Amazon or Ebay platforms, but every day there are more who are released and create your own store online in order to have more control over your business.

proceso de compra en una tienda basada en el dropshipping

The big question that anyone interested in dropshipping is always done when it comes to deciding on this type of business is, "but is it profitable?" Answering this question is not easy. You must take into account that the competition is very high and many times, to achieve more sales, many users opt to reduce their profit margin. If you want your store to be profitable, it is very important that you study well the profit margin of each product and the units that you should sell for profitability.

Take your time to choose providers since they are the main part of your business

And once you have decided for this type of business is the most important part of dropshipping: providers. Find the best supplier for your shop is not an easy task, you must investigate and thinking much about the products you want to sell in your store. To help you in this difficult task, there are some tricks, Although the most effective in search and ask. Of course, an option that you should consider is to search in specialized directories where can you find listings of wholesalers of all sectors.

Also keep in mind, which all business booming, in the field of dropshipping can come up with fake suppliers that you promise things that can not meet and they can do that your business does not work. You must be cautious and always find out who are the people that you are going to work before signing a contract or pay for services. Companies such as Grutinet, Dreamlove o Infortisa There are thousands of articles that offer customers throughout Spain and Europe.

Have your always up-to-date catalog is essential so that your store succeed

When finally you have decided for a wholesaler, you'll notice that have your up to date shop is going to make anything easy. You must take into account the catalogues of your suppliers are immense and that any changes that you make affect your store. If a product is exhausted but you still have it available on your website, what you will do if someone buy it?. What if your competition demonstrates new features or offers before you? Possibly your customers decide to buy elsewhere. Thus the idea of the importersa few modules that allow you to automate this process and indicate how often you want to update your store information.

In AlabazWeb Pro you can find importers for a large group of wholesalers of different sectors such as:


Although you may seem that configure one of these importers can be an arduous task, the truth is that it is quite simple, and once you've made the first importation, won't have to worry about upgrade prices, catalogue, or stock... because you can create tasks cron job that you need and take care of more important things. Would you like to see how these importers? Because it is all explained in the following video:

And If you're wholesaler and do you want to offer your product catalogue to your customers? Then you need to MegaFeed because with this module you can offer to your customers, just to download a file, all the necessary information so that they can update their catalogue and begin selling. In addition you can choose what information offer to each of the users of your store.

And in case outside little, they can automate their updates with MegaFeedImport.

If you want to know more a background how importers are developed and resolve the questions that have you have on them, you can't miss this webinar on Dropshipping taught by our developer Jorge Donet.

And remember that if you have any questions, you can contact us on the phone 91 874 68 57 or send us an email to acliente@alabazweb.com and we will answer all your questions about dropshipping and ecommerce in general.

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