Attributes and combinations would know how to use them?

If you have a shop in PrestaShop, one of the first things that secure important which was how to create attributes and combinations to avoid having to create products for each of its variables. But you are doing it correctly? do you know all your options? In the next post we tell you everything you need to know.
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Attributes and combinations would know how to use them?

When you create a product that has different variables such as size, color, type of material, etc, it is necessary to use one of the most popular choices of PrestaShop: the attributes and combinations. In this way you get to have all the existing variables of that same model in the same product.

Basic concepts

When creating these variables you must have clear several concepts:

  • Attributes: refers to the General variations that may be a product. For example, if you sell a dress, attributes can be color, size, style, brand...

  • Values: the values are the variables that exist within each at

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