Everything you need to know about the new canon digital

The new canon digital entered into force on 1 August. They are required to pay this tax the manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and media playback such as mobile, tablets, hard drives... If you have an online store and sell these products to resellers you must take into account that it is necessary to inform your customers and break down it in the Bill.
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Everything you need to know about the new canon digital

August 1 entered into force the new rules on digital canon in Spainadjusted by means of the Royal Decree-Law 12/2007, 3 July, framed in the Intellectual property law.

This regulation represents a rise in the price of technology products that is it will be increasing gradually to match with the existing in other countries of the European Union, so it is a temporary measure.


Products affected digital canon?

el canon digital afectará especialemente a impresoras y equipos multifuncion

Digital canon was created in order to compensate for the damage caused to the authors by backing private (illegal) music, books and videos. This canon affects on both printers and equipment multifunction and usb flash drives, hard drives, compact discs, books, electronic music and video, smartphones or tablets.



According to the information recorded in the BOE of 4 July, the products that will be more affected by the price increase will be printers and all-in-ones, while the tablets, smartphones and hard drives apena will rise a few euros.


Who has to pay the fee?

If you are an individual, you may pay the digital canon, at least directly. The new legislature intended, precisely, make sure that end users not be affected by this tax. They will therefore be the manufacturers and distributors who take care of the payment extra These technological products.

How do I report my clients of the amount of the canon? AlabazWeb Megacanones Pro module

módulo para añadir cánones y opciones extra a tus productosIf you have a shop selling technology products and sell to the end customer, don't worry, the new legislation does not affect your business. However, if your products distributors buy them It will be necessary to digital canon appear broken down on the invoice, to be informed at all times of what you are paying.

If you do not know how to add this modification to your PrestaShop online store, we have the best solution, the module MEGACANONES.

With this module the the order price increases automatically, detailing in their invoice the unit price of the cost of the canon and the final cost of the full order. You will be able Customize tax with the text you want, add an associated icon, choose the cost and if it is included in the price and many more options.

The MegaCanones module presents major advantages over the use of attributes as they do not affect the stock, you can configure any option by adding an amount or percentage to the final price of the item, apply different types of taxes to each barrel and everything else you need.

You can also add more than one canon to the product as such an amount extra to collect your old product, by purchasing an extra guarantee or any other options that require your products.

Wait no more and start now to enjoy all the advantages of Megacanones compliance with the established regulations.

And remember that if you have any questions about the law or Megacanones you can call us at 91 874 68 57 or write an email to acliente@alabazweb.com and resolve all your doubts.

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