How to sell online at Halloween

Halloween sales do not stop growing and beat records. For example in the United States were estimated 8,400 million in 2016. The night of the dead has enshrined as a global cultural event which occupied front pages of media and social networks, so it should be a turning point in our planning of sales.

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How to sell online at Halloween

Perhaps you think that it is early for a post about Halloween. But all trade has identified, albeit by experience, the time of the year in which its products are most popular. And businesses that feature of a marketing plan they have those milestones of the year well structured and designed to maximize benefits. You've included Halloween for your online strategy to increase sales?

Sell Halloween from your online store with a few tips


We all know that the time of Christmas It is the most important of the year, or that the promotions of the back to school they are essential if you want to gain market or not lose it from the competition. But between Christmas sales and the back to school there are plenty or large events that take advantage of for sell online

Halloween: increase your sales

Halloween It is a holiday that comes from America, and that its influence is becoming a great relevance in recent years. It is an event that is still far from its peak of sales, although hotels, Department stores and many brands have already experienced the potential of Halloween and every year improve and lengthen the promotions specific, thus designing complete commercial strategies.

If your shop is dedicated to decoration, food, makeup, costumes or sale of entertainment (festivals, performances...) that you have planned and your actions. But even if your products don't have a so inherent relationship with this party can create a campaign within your online marketing to generate conversions and sales.

Halloween is one opportunity to attract attention to your products and services. Here are some examples of brands that have used creativity to these terrifying dates with a touch that will make you laugh:


  • The brand Axe (Lynx) and night of the living dead as a backdrop for a "lethal" deodorant.


  • Volkswagen refers to a legendary horror film: the eyes of the forest, where discover something different to scare evil spirits.



  • Mixta of Mahou beer has the particular version of the watermelon why squash is the Queen of Halloween. 


There are very creative formulas to adapt Halloween to your business, have you ever thought what is yours? Write us by social networks and tell us you did.


The week of October 31, therefore, will be an opportunity of increase sales and not just products or services designed for Halloween but for permanent products from your eCommerce.

Tips for designing a trading strategy on Halloween.

#1. He designed the campaign from your 'haunted' online store

Send a business newsletter on Halloween is usually low impact. Get to your your ecommerce live Halloween party. Decorate your homepage with banners and traditional colors of Halloween (Orange, purple, black). No need to make a specific web design for a week, a "motif in your logo", a spider's Web in the footer.

Creates a post: looking for the bonding of your products with costumes, makeup, characterization, DIY, sweets, halloween parties.

#2. Social networks as a broadcast channel

Halloween is a very viral event and where more likes and pictures are shared. Increases the engagement not letting the opportunity to share issues related to this event.
Fancy dress products: use this opportunity to share your post wherever they appear "tuned" for Halloween well costumed products or using photographic design programs.
Create contests or sweepstakess on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, will be to increase participation, to comment and to share your content to be original.

#3. A temporary event with terrifying discounts

Take advantage of the timing of an event that lasts one night and creates a list of products that relate to these dates: Halloween, autumn, rain, cold...
Promotion outlet: sells these surpluses to sale, big discount prices.
Terrifying discounts: another option is to promote temporary and special discounts

#4. Email marketing campaigns

Your communication is the cornerstone of all action. Designed an email marketing strategy from which inform your customers of all the promotional actions have you planned: articulated communications in a calendar and follow him.

It measures the result of your actions

Once the event and all their strategies remember to measure the results and compare them with the results of the previous year. Basic indicators and that directly affect are:

  • Number of orders
  • Number of new customers
  • Turnover during the period of Halloween sales



Put these tips into practice and be amazed with the results. And if you want you advice in the management of the marketing of your online store tell us your case and give you a quote tailored to your needs.

Increase your revenues on Halloween with theese tips. An very smart infographic

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