PrestaShop does not save the changes after an update what do I do?

On many occasions, Prestashop updates cause changes in the configuration, not saving properly. We will see why this incident arises and what can we do to solve this
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PrestaShop does not save the changes after an update what do I do?

Many of the users who decide to upgrade your Prestashop store to another version of the software, experience some other difficulty or failure that brings them the head. One of the more recent problems when changing version (no matter which version) occurs when you modify a configuration item, because that Prestashop is the value that we've changed.

Why Prestashop store not the value we have introduced in the configuration after the software update?

This occurs because there are two fields from the database with the same name, so Prestashop saves one and read the other. For example, in the PS_SHOP_ENABLE field, two values (0 and 1) can sign up. As a result, the store will be in maintenance according to the value that this table in the database take Prestashop.

Solution? MySQL find duplicate entries.

We must find duplicate entries and execute the following query in phpmyadmin, we use as an example the ps_configuration table:

SELECT * FROM ps_configuration as list

INNER JOIN(SELECT name FROM ps_configuration)

GROUP BY name HAVING count (id_configuration) > 1) dup ON =

With the result that appears in the database, you can delete the values that we want to keep and delete those who don't want to. Again, the only way to solve this kind of problem, is working continuously with the application to capture time errors or scheduling problems. And you... what was the last problem that you have faced with the change of versions?

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