DreamLove: another great option of dropshipping

DreamLove is one of the large Spanish companies of Dropshipping from sale of erotic articles. With our importer products DreamLove for Prestashop module you can forget about updates.

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DreamLove: another great option of dropshipping

Business models dropshipping continue to increase and more and more entrepreneurs who decide to try their luck in the trade online with this type of business.

New in stuff wonder is this the dropshipping. As well, it's a type of sale to the retail on the internet in which the shop online has no physical store with its products, but that matter from the catalog of a supplier database. Thus the customer will buy items from your store and will receive them by the own supplier. This saves space and money to the shopkeeper Since it is not necessary to tell with permanent installations or stocks.

There are an infinite number of suppliers for dropshipping with articles of all kinds but today we will focus on one of them: DreamLove.


DreamLove is one of the most important dropshipping companies of Spain

Dreamlove is a company of distribution of erotic items and products for sex shops with great significance in the market. Account with a catalogue with more than 7,000 products from lingerie, condoms, articles for stag nights, aphrodisiacs, toys, cosmetics personal care and all the erotic sector applies.

Although their physical store is located in the South of Spain, Dreamlove done shipments to Europe so its network of customers in very wide. In addition, you will not be required to make a minimum order and will only have to pay for the products that already it has been sold. At any time your customers will know that they are dealing with Dreamlove then it will be completely invisible to them.


To get started with just Dreamlove you will need to select items from their catalog want to sell in your store and publish them.

When a client accesses your store and buy something you will directly receive the payment. Be yourself which make Dreamlove order with the data provided by the buyer. Once done, the supplier will send the parcel to the recipient in a discreet and safe way.

To improve the level of sales and offer its customers the latest products, you must have updated the catalogue and stock your store and you will have to do it manually whenever there is news on the website of the supplier.

Or so it was until now. Thanks to our importing products DreamLove for Prestashop module,  MegaImportDreamLoveYou can forget about all these actions and make them automatically.


MegaImportDreamLove is the solution to automate imports

This module will allow you to import information of the products that you need such as attributes, stock, price, category... and incorporate news and promotions to your catalog.

So only you will need to run the import of new or configure one CRON task in your Hosting to make updates fully automatically.

MegaImportDreamlove will also allow you apply a P.V.P. price or a price plus a percentage of profit in each category, or even determine that percentage will be applied based on price ranges to make yourself who manage their benefits.


Are now ready to join the dropshipping! 

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