Tips for choosing the perfect dropshipping supplier

Choose your provider when you go by dropshipping trade is one of the fundamental keys to the success of your company. There are some tricks that will help you to not fail at this important decision.

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Tips for choosing the perfect dropshipping supplier

The dropshipping It is a new model of business that every day more and more followers. Create a drop ship company requires one investment of less than a traditional company because you don't need physical space or permanent stock. This makes that many people have come into this world.

The first and most fundamental step is to find a supplier of dropshipping to your measurement. It is not always easy, so today we bring you some tips and tricks that will provide you with this work.


Tricks to find dropshipping suppliers


There are different strategies to find the wholesale dropshipping perfect for you. In the following list we show you the most common and effective that they help you to begin your shopping journey on the right foot.


Search engines:

One of the most used by all those who want to find a provider is to perform a search on the internet. Google remains the favorite of most users tool, but you should keep in mind that there are some tricks so that the investigation of its fruits.


1 make a wide search: Don't stay on the first page of the search engine results. You must be patient and continue investigating until des with the ideal supplier for you. Many wholesalers do not have knowledge of SEO so while it is the solution you're looking for, it is possible to not appear among the top results.


2 use modifiers: Don't limit yourself to do a single search type "drop ship supplier". You have to try other options as a "wholesaler", "selling to the wholesale" or any other options that you can think of. You never know where can be your ideal supplier or as described.


Go directly to the manufacturer

This is one of the best ways to locate a provider. When you go to a manufacturer typically already you know your product catalogue and know why you are interested in. You can contact the manufacturer and ask for a list of distributors. In this way you will be attending the most reliable source. You can then contact those wholesalers to see if they offer dropshipping or if they would be willing to do so. In addition, likely that these providers work to different brands, so it is likely that you can expand your product catalog.


He attends a trade show

This type of meeting will allow you to get in touch with the leading manufacturers & wholesalers dropshipping. It is a good way to make contacts and to investigate, especially if you just start this kind of trade. Before going, it is recommended to select the type of items that you would like to sell and your niche market.



Another option that is gaining strength day by day are the directories. A directory is a database of suppliers that is organised by market, niche or product.

Directories put the fastest option to find a provider

Such tools are a very quick and effective way to search providers. In addition, can be of great help in choosing which products sell or market niches.

However, you should note that most have an access fee and that it is very possible that do not ever use them once you have assembled your business.

Having said that, we show you some options since if you have little time this type of tool can be very useful.


1. Worldwide Brand

Worldwide Brands is one of the oldest and best provider directories. From Worldwide Brand ensures that its suppliers have to meet a series of standards to ensure the quality and reliability of its wholesalers. The price is $299 in a single share forever.



This directory, which has in its portfolio more than 8,000 suppliers has a price of $67 a year and includes a 60-day money back guarantee. It is a great option if you don't need to use the directory for a long time.


3 Wholesale Central

Search in this directory is free because it charges a fee to providers be included in their databases. It is also supported through advertising. Contains 1,400 suppliers and 740,000 products.  In addition, to be free not you lose nothing by trying.


When you have found your perfect provider may think that it is all done, but not. Dropshipping online stores require maintenance since they need to have the catalog always updated, as well as the stock. What happens if you have an article that the supplier has exhausted available in your store? Or if your most direct competitor is offering news that even you don't have available? For this to not happen you must update your product catalog manually whenever your provider generates an update.


As well, thanks to the module Star to Drop,  you will be able import all products automatically, Whatever your dropshipping.

Don't let your customers do not find in your store what is already available in others and always offer the most current catalog. In addition to this module Save time Since you can import all the information of the products that you need like attributes, stock, price, category... 

Forget configurations. Just have to run the import or to make it a cron When want you (twice a day, every day, every 15 days...) and will be done automatically. In addition, the module allows to indicate a path online where the csv file you are importing.


This standard module allows us to configure for you a module to measure, depending on your drop ship supplier. You just have to contact us to tell us what is your supplier of dropshipping accessing your user account at AlabazWeb and write your request in paragraph 'submit a ticket'. Then, we send you this module adapted and ready to go.


In addition, if you want to manage also the percentage of benefits to your liking, with this module you can do so. Star to Drop allows you to apply a P.V.P. price or a price plus a percentage of profit, or even determine that percentage will be applied on the basis of price ranges. For example, if the price you pay to your provider for a product is €10 and indicates that the percentage of profit is 30%, the final price of the item in your shop will be €13. But if you want that this percentage is only 20% on products from 50 to €100 only you will need to create a range with these data.

You can also assign products to categories and carriers need. 


Forget configurations and dedicate yourself to what really matters to you the satisfaction of your customers is transformed into benefits for you.


We currently have importers already configured for Grutinet (more Info), DreamLove (more info) e Infortisa (more info).

Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop  - Addons from PrestaShop

Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop

Module that imports and updates the catalogue of the supplier Infortisa, establishing when and what data will be updated automatically and reliably (new, discontinued products, languages, prices...). (Dropshipping)

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