Allows online reservations with megaservices

Companies that offer internet services need many more options when setting up your products. Thanks to Megaservices, they can now offer their articles on the internet in a simple way so customers can make purchases without leaving home, choosing the option that best suits your needs.

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Allows online reservations with megaservices

If you have a service company as a hotel, a country house, rented vehicles, you're dentist, lawyer... and you tried to configure your online store from Prestashop, you've realized that the possibilities are limited for this type of articles, since they require many more options than a standard product.

Services, as no material goods, they need a different configuration. They usually enjoy a particular time or on a set schedule, have a limited and variable availability depending on the time of year or day, modify its price throughout the year or on the basis of other issues such as age, the amount...

Configure all this type of options, and many more than you will need for your business in particular, can be tedious and even impossible. There are many variables that you must take into account so that everything works to perfection.

However, now there is a module that brings all these options and it brings them to make everything easier for you. So you can start selling your services on the internet with all the advantages that this entails also for your customers.


It is of Megaservices. With this module you can offer your services online in a simple way so your customers to choose the date of an event, the function of theater day, or the time of an appointment. They will also have the possibility of selecting different options such as the type of menu in a restaurant, the number of adults and the number of children in the hotel reservation or activity who want to make their weekend of adventure.

Brother-in-law made a reservation will receive a ticket with detailed information as well as the order in an e-mail and invoice information.


Megaservices offers an infinite number of combinations to suit your business


And what advantages does this for you? Because you will have absolute control of your shop and you can manage all the options from the administration of Prestashop: enabling and disabling dates and days (e.g. "Service not available on Saturday and Sunday" or "service not available from January to February); set different prices for days, dates, hours, attributes; limit the event by capacity; the design template that will receive the client with the information of your reservation; view and manage the capacity from a calendar administrator.

You can also specify a minimum or maximum of reserve days, create time ranges (e.g. for half an hour in half an hour so that your customers to choose when they want to go to your query).


In addition you can choose the design of your store, customize the type of calendar, include descriptions, images, change the name of the tag, configure the appearance of the attributes and their position in the window.

You will have the option to add personalization fields, create rules that modify the behavior of the shop when you choose a certain configuration, or import files to avoid having to set the same thing more than once.


You still have doubts about why you need this module? Then click here and discover all the advantages that you can offer.

If you want also you can visit our demo to test the performance of Megaservices.

And now we offer you a Manual with all the options of the module configuration so that you have doubts about how it works and you can configure it by yourself.


Do not hesitate and go off to trade online. It multiplies your presence, your customers and your profits!


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