What are the best products for an online store?

If it is important to choose a good provider, select the right product to sell is your store online is not less. You know what are the sectors with more success on the internet and achieve success in e-commerce.
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What are the best products for an online store?

Dropshipping is a business in which that the online store does not have physical store, but that matter from the catalog of a supplier databaseso that customer can buy it from their store and receive it by the same provider.  This saves space and money the merchant is not necessary a warehouse with stocks permanent.

In previous posts we recommend some tricks to choose well your drop ship supplier, since this decision may depend on the success of your store.

However, today we try another factor that is also of vital importance to achieve the goals of your business: products.

There are plenty of products that we sell through the internet. In fact, today, virtually nothing is out of e-commerce. However, there are products that adapt better than others to the conditions of the online market and even more to a kind of trade as unique as it is the dropshipping.

Find the right product can be the key to the success of your company


We then offer you a list with the five products that are better adapted to the web. Course this is not to say that you can not sell articles commenting if you wish or any store that offers these products to succeed already ensures that, precismante, will be the sectors that have more competition.

Computer accessories: Computer accessories are very popular in dropshipping since they are products with a very high degree of update. Every day there are new and there are many people who want or need to be up to date in this area.

Beauty products: Beauty products are also a great choice for dropshipping. They are items that you buy regularly, and if your customers are satisfied is likely to return to your store every time.

Clothing: Clothing is a good choice since it has always demand but eye, also much competition. In this type of product, it is very important that the buyer in your shop experience is unbeatable back each season.

Accessories: Like clothes, accessories and Add-ons are also products with great demand. The big advantage is that there are an infinite number of articles of this type which, in addition, change according to the season of the year and the dictates of fashion.

Mobile phones: Like the computer articles, mobile phones are products that adapt to this type of trade. Keep in mind that there are more people who have a mobile terminal and to renew it in a relatively short time period.


Another option for choosing products to sell is to arise from another field, who want to be our customers? The answer to this question will give us many clues about items that we have available in our shop. To do this, there are a few factors that may help you choosing your store.


People with a hobby: In general, people with hobbies are willing to spend much money on them. Whether it's photography, fishing, paddle tennis or video games, there are plenty of articles that will suit your needs.

Companies: Companies usually make larger orders and even if you have to adjust the price most worth it. In addition, if you create a relationship of trust it is likely that this is also profitable in the medium and long term. Even so, whenever possible, it tries to sell products that appeal to both enterprises and individual buyers.

Recurrent buyers: Recurring items are those that are depleted quickly or become obsolete, and it is necessary to repeat the order with some frequency. If customers who need this type of product are satisfied with your products and your service, they will not hesitate to return to buy and make it often.


Infortisa is recognized as one of the best wholesalers in Spain

If after all these considerations have you decided to opt for computer and technology articles, then may be your ideal distributor Infortisa.

Infortisa is one Spanish company It was recognized as the best wholesaler specializing in the survey to the computer channel, by Context and Channel Partner during the past 2014 and which increased its sales by 22% in 2013.

Make deliveries to all Spain, has a customer service department to service the clients of the dealer and periodically organizes training courses and events to bring brands manufacturers to its customers.

In addition, puts at the disposal of its distributors full online, with all its products catalogue as well as the technical information from each one, offers, promotions. Also you can ordering directly from your store, check billing, tracking of shipments documents, view and request refunds, etc.

To begin working with Infortisa you will have to choose your inventory items you want to sell in your store, create your own catalog and publish it.

When a customer place an order you will be yourself which make the purchase to Infortisa. It will be then when they send the package to your recipient.

To offer your customers the latest products to reach the market, you have to manually update the catalogue as often as possible, provided that Infortisa has news.


But don't worry, also have another option. Thanks to our importing products Infortisa for Prestashop module,MegaImportInfortisa, you can upgrade you stock and the supplier catalog updates automatically and when you choose.

Because MegaImportInfortisa is the best choice for automate imports. You can import all the data of the products that you need like the stock, price, category, attributes... incorporate the novelties, offers and promotions to your catalog.

And if that wasn't enough, it is very simple. You will only have to run the import of new or configure one CRON task in your Hosting to make updates automatically.

This module will also allow you to apply a fixed price or a price more percentage gain in each category, or determine that percentage of benefits applies according to price range. So you'll be yourself who steps your benefits and no more.


In addition, if you are interested in the advantages of this module, but your dealer is another worry. Our moduleStar to Drop It adapts to any distributor and will make your work life a little easier.


You know, if you're thinking of join the dropshipping don't hesitate and save time and effort with our modules!







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