Advantages of having your own dropshipping store

If you've opted you in working with dropshipping but still don't know if creating or not your own shop, you now have all the advantages of launch you to trade online for yourself. With the help of professionals you will get to have a shop to suit you.

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Advantages of having your own dropshipping store

The dropshipping It is one of the alternatives to traditional trade that are gaining more strength on the internet. In this type of trade is not necessary to have physical space or stock, simply import the catalog of a supplier database. In this way, customer may purchase the item from your store and receive it by the same provider.  This saves money and space to the merchant.


Well, to sell products dropshipping there are several options including Ebay and Amazon for being the best known. However, you can also choose to create your own store and, although this requires a greater effort of work and budget, offers numerous advantages that you will have to take into account.

Have your own store will bring value to your business


-More control: You can create a store tailored for the type of client you want-focused and tailored completely to your products. You choose the appearance of your website, distribution, and you can create value for your clients feel comfortable and satisfied.

- Easy to design: Build your own online store is easy, especially with platforms such as Prastashop. You can choose the colors, the template from hundreds of options, even free, and customize your store to your liking. However in Ebay or Amazon templates are mandatory so the customization options are minimal or even zero.

- No fees to third parties: One of the main advantages of having your own store with dropshipping is that you can forget paying 10% or 15% for every sale to Ebay or Amazon. You have your own trade will translate into higher profits for you.

- Own business: If you create your own store you'll be creating a brand. You will create value, and if one day you decide to sell your store it will be much easier if you have a brand. Also will have a long term business with customers who will return if the experience has been pleasant.

- Ready for mobile devices. One of the main complaints of users of Ebay or Amazon are the problems that generate for sale through mobile devices. If you decide to create your own store do so thinking such devices since more and more customers who use their phones or tablets to buy via the internet.


However, not everything would be advantages. Selling in your own store also has a number of points against which you will have to take into account:

- Less free traffic: Be within a platform like Ebay, with millions of hits a day, will generate a significant traffic in your store. In yours and that of thousands of users who offer virtually the same products and same prices than you. If you go by your own store you will have to take care of generating traffic through SEO, advertising payment and a good marketing strategy.

- More complex: Also have more choices of design and configuration is to acquire greater responsibility. But if you are willing to invest some time into creating your store the results may surprise you.


If you want to create your own website but don't know where to start, you can also choose to have the services of professionals in the sector. In this way you will ensure that your store fits your needs but also your clients.


If you've opted you for the Grutinet provider, from Alabaz Web Pro have created a pack that you can not say that not that will meet all the requirements to start selling.

The Portal Web Sexshop Grutinet Pack has everything you need for your business

With the Pack Portal Web Sexshop Grutinet create your store from the beginning and just for you. It will have all the technical characteristics required to start selling their product.

Our pack includes an intermediate Hosting optimized for Prestashop with the latest version of Prestashop 1.6 and the installation of a suitable template. In addition, we will configure for you 4 cms.

The pack also includes our module of import of products (MegaImportGrutinet) and automatic sending of orders to Grutinet (AutoSendGrutinet) you won't have to worry about manually updating your catalog or stock or send orders to the supplier. Everything will be automatically by the configuration of CRON tasks.

Your store will also include the option of payment by Redsys surcharge or discount Prestashop and through Paypal, also with the option of extra charge.

Leave the job in our hands and deal with what is really important: sell.


You can find all the information from this pack and all its components in the following link:


Do not settle for less than what you deserve!

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