What is the percentage of profits in dropshipping?

One of the most important questions that users have when it comes to starting a business with dropshipping is profitability, would actually makes money with this type of business?. As in all business, one of the most important issues is differentiate yourself from the competition and ensure that your customers prefer to shop at your store because you offer them a better service. Today we tell you everything you need to know about the profitability of dropshipping, and how to improve your sales.

Actualizado: 09/10/2023 2014
What is the percentage of profits in dropshipping?

There are many people who are thinking of creating a business of dropshipping. This form of sale offers clear advantages over traditional trade: you don't need physical space, or stock, or take care of orders. You just have to find a good provider, create your store and maintain a good relationship with your customers so that they come back and buy.

Obviously, this type of business tend to involve a lot of competition. For this reason, one of the most common questions that generated is clear will it be profitable?


The profitability of your dropshipping store depends largely on to differentiate yourself from the competition



It can be said that if you get get between a 20%-30% net profit on the normal price of the product, the business begins to be profitable. Everything depends, obviously, product of which concerned and its ability to generate sales.

In addition, you must keep in mind that the profit margins that you can get with this method, in general, will be lower than that you could get if you comprases products to the dealer that sold more cheaply to someone who buys a large volume of items that a retailer who works with dropshipping.


Some dropshipping providers set a minimum price to avoid conflicts

Dropshipping suppliers show customers what would be the price for the sale of a product. But, of course, the last cost choice will always be yours.

Minimum price: there are some Dropshipping to providers they set a minimum price below which the product cannot be sold. Try to avoid in this way caused a conflict with prices that do not benefit anyone. This is good for you since it avoids that your competitors sell even cheaper products, whereby the price you buy them.


With regard to the maximum sale price the product to the customer, although it may be that your you set, it will be limited largely by the prices of the competition. Therefore, the best way to get more benefits is to offer added value to your products and thus differentiate you from your competitors. For example, you can offer personalized advice, tips, products manuals, create videos, add new images, video tutorials, offer discounts...

This type of values provides customers confidence and security. In this way they will be willing to pay a little more for your services.


You must take into account that these facts are normal taking into account that with dropshipping you don't run risks, in the sense that you don't have to have an accumulated stock to lose money if you are not able to give out. Either you have to place a minimum order, so it is logical that your profit margin is less.


If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition and offer tailor-made services, you need to mainly TIME. Time to create manuals, descriptions and videos. So the best is to take as little as possible on issues such as stock, products updates.

Now there is a way to automate these processes, regardless of your provider.


With the moduleStar to Drop You can import all products automatically regardless of your drop ship supplier.

It is not only important to offer to your customers, best price and best service, but also the most up-to-date catalog. To start just have that run the data import of your dropshipper or that make it a cron When you're ready (twice a day, every day, every 15 days...) and will be done automatically.

And as you have said, with this module will save lot of time because You can import all the products information need as attributes, stock, price, category... In addition, the module allows to indicate a path online where the CSV file to import.

Of course, this module will allow you to manage the percentage of profits as you wish. Plus a percentage of profit you can apply a P.V.P. price or a price. In addition you can also determine that percentage will be applied on the basis of price ranges and assign products to categories and carriers need.


Star to Drop allows you to save time in configurations and dedicate it to what really matters: your customers

Thanks to Star to Drop We can configure a module that meets all your needs, depending on your drop ship supplier for you. Just contact us by going to your user account at AlabazWeb and create a ticket, tell us which is your provider. Then, we send you this module adapted and ready to go.


Forget about settings and import and devote yourself to offer maximum satisfaction to your customers. Differentiate yourself from the competition and achieve your effort is transformed into benefits.


We currently have importers already configured for Grutinet)more info), DreamLove (more info) e Infortisa (more info).


If you have questions about the operation of importers of dropshipping, you can not miss the next webinar where our developer Jorge Donet, will answer all your questions:


Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop  - Addons from PrestaShop

Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop

Module that imports and updates the catalogue of the supplier Infortisa, establishing when and what data will be updated automatically and reliably (new, discontinued products, languages, prices...). (Dropshipping)

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