Extends the guarantee of a product

One of the issues that customers value most are extra options that offer shops and which make you different from the competition. One of those values added more defendants are extensions of warranty. If you don't know how you can create this option, we bring you a simple alternative: Megacanones.
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Extends the guarantee of a product

Generate added value in our stores is one of the most recommended to differentiate ourselves from the competition and get customers loyal and recurring options.

The extended warranties and insurance is one of the most demanding customer issues


Sometimes it is difficult to know what makes a customer come back and feel satisfied with our company. However, one of the most popular questions is currently the guarantee of products, especially appliances, telephones, computers and technology in general. If you have a shop of this type or just want to offer your customers this option, then you have to read today's post.


Megacánones offers the ability to create as many pluses as you need to create value in your Negoci or


Megacánones is a quick and easy solution to offer your customers all the extra options you can think of . You can offer the possibility to include a greeting card with your purchase, gift wrap package, acquire complementary or, as in this case products, extend the manufacturer's warranty.

You can choose the price you're offering plus, by including in the product price or not. You can also indicate whether the amount of the fee will be a percentage or a fixed price. In this case we have created the option to extend the product warranty for one year with an added cost of 100 euros.

Within this plus, we can also create various options.

In the demo example we have offered our clients also hiring an anti-breakage insurance screen 50 euros.

Demo of a product with warranty option amplicar


The customer can choose the bonus you want, even more than one, but never more than the number of products you have added to your cart and see the breakdown of the price.

Demo of a product with the option of amplicar warranty.  Breakdown cart

In this demo You can find the example of how practical create an extended warranty.

You can check all the functions of the module at the following address:




All the options it offers to your customers. With Megacanones it is possible.

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