Infortisa: all the technology available to your customers

Infortisa is one of the most important technological products in Spain. If you need a distributor drop ship for your store, this can be a great option. In addition, with our importer module's Infortisa save long updates and you will have all the information available to your customers.

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Infortisa: all the technology available to your customers

Business models dropshipping they are increasingly better known and many employers who choose to try this type of company.

It is undeniable that much of your success or failure if you decide to create a drop ship store, will depend on the quality of your suppliers since, in this type of sale, the seller has no products, but import the database from the catalogue of a wholesaler.

Thus the customer will buy items from your store and will receive them by the own supplier. This saves space and money to the shopkeeper Since it is not necessary to tell with permanent installations or stocks but it carries the risk added to find a provider that meets your expectations of quality and commitment.


There is multitude of dropshippers that offer items of all kinds. Today we will focus on one of the most recognized: Infortisa.

Infortisa is recognized as one of the best wholesalers in Spain


Infortisa is dedicated to the distribution technology wholesalers since 1986, by it have recognized experience in this sector. He was elected in 2014 best wholesale especiailzado  in the survey to the computer channel, by Context and Channel Partner.


If you want to become a distributor of Infortisa just have to fill out a form from your website, but you will require that you prove formally that you dedicate yourself to the sale of products computer. To do this you will have to give them a photocopy of your tax license and tax economic activities (I.A.E.) or census statement or part of the Scriptures describing the social object.

When they check that all details are correct you will assign to a commercial that will help you and guide you during the purchase of the products. In addition they will give you a key so you can access the online store and place your orders.


As for transport, Infortisa done shipping to all Spain and Portugal. In Peninsular and in the Balearic Islands distributor assumes the cost of freight for the orders above 400 Euros, although you could modify this criterion orders which dimensions or weight may have a higher transport cost.

The deadline for orders will depend on the area of delivery but does not usually exceed 24 hours.

The cost will vary depending on the area of delivery, € 3 in Valencia and Murcia, the price of postage does not exceed 400 euros (600 euros in Portugal), €5 on the peninsula and Baleares and €10 in Portugal.

You should consult your sales representative who will inform you of these aspects. (All prices are without VAT)


Infortisa counts with a catalogue with many brands and products so, the most complicated, it can be keep updated the information of stock, prices and features...

However, we have a simple, fast and effective solution.


With the importing module's Infortisa products you will always have an updated catalogue


With our importer products Infortisa for Prestashop module,MegaImportInfortisa, You can upgrade you stock and news from the catalogue of the dropshipper of automatically when you decide.

This module is the answer if you want automate imports. You can upload all the data items you want, price, stock, category, attributes to your store. So you can add to your business news, promotions and offers from our catalog.


It is also very easy. You only have to configure one CRON task in your hosting to make updates automatically whenever you want.


With this module you can also manage your benefits because you It allows to apply a fixed price or a price more percentage gain in each category, or determine that percentage of benefits will apply depending on the price range that belong to a product.


You seem to be wonderful but you already work with another wholesaler? No problem. Our moduleStar to DropIt adapts to any distributor and will make your job a little easier.


Do not hesitate more and if you want to join the dropshipping, that is the most effective way!

Fees for products in Prestashop module  - Addons from PrestaShop

Fees for products in Prestashop module

This module allows the allocation of cannons or options extras to our products PrestaShop, configuring them completely Depending on our needs and our products.

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