Create friendly urls to improve the SEO

Achieve a good position on the search engines is the goal of many companies. In this struggle the friendly URLs are very important. With Goodb-ID create this URL will be easy and you will manage your store scale positions in search engines.

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Create friendly urls to improve the SEO

Improve the search engine positioning of an online store is, for many, an almost impossible mission. Meta tags, metadescripciones, friendly URL... all of these concepts are attached and are can become a headache.

However, knowing how important that is at that time to be visible on the internet, many are striving to learn how to improve the natural positioning of their businesses, and they succeed.


One of the most effective tools to fight and advance positions on the scale of google are, without doubt, the friendly URLS.

Friendly URLs are essential to achieve a good positioning in search engines

The URL friendly, also known as parallel semantic or pretty URL are those directions that describe if same in contents of the web page that directed. This offers many advantages because they are easier to remember, understand, are more aesthetic, easier to communicate, help us to bring the page within the overall structure of the site and, which today are not interested in, help us position ourselves further up in the search engines.


A friendly URL is one that does not include endless numeric codes or indescribable signs.

For example:


Can you imagine having to write an address of this type every time you want to access your store or try to communicate to a customer by phone? Somebody would probably cease efforts to acquire a product even though it interested him greatly.


However, and thanks to the friendly URLs this is not necessary. And, in addition, today I will teach how to create those URL in a very simple way to saying goodbye to the ID products, categories and cms.


This solution isGoodb-ID. With this module you will achieve that your store is more easily indexed by the search engines thanks to the URL friendly. In this way you will improve the organic positioning of your business and your customers may find more quickly.


Goodb-ID you can say goodbye to the ID product and categories cms

With Goodb-ID you will forget about the duplicate URLs, because the module itself can check if there is any product, category or CMS with the same friendly URL field.


This module also supports Prestashop since it does not use the URL formats that comes in the tool. Delete the ID, addresses are overwritten to not interfere with the operation of the module.


Would you like to learn more about this module?

You can access here:


Not think it more. Improves your positioning and you will notice the difference.

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