Indizze: essential business directory

The direcotorios of companies can be a good way to climb positions in the search engines. In this post we bring you one of the most recommended directories for your business, and it is free: Indizze.
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Indizze: essential business directory

One of the tools that more can help you to position your store online in the search engines and get customers are the boards of companies.

However, although there are an infinite number of these directories online not always easy to find one that will really help in the difficult task of positioning SEO and, less still, to be free.

Company directories are a good way to climb positions in the search engines

We we were in charge of investigating and trying and have given a directory that fits perfectly with these requirements: Indizze


Ficha empresarial de AlabazWeb Pro en el directorio Indizze


Indizze is a directory of quality formed by professionals with a quick and easy interface. In a few minutes, and with a few simple steps you will manage your company start to become part of the directory.

In addition, they offer you the possibility to check in every time your web positioning based on the keywords you select and help you scale positions in their ranking by completing your company event.


Rewards information and for this reason, we recommend that you add a good description, images, videos, and everything you need to describe your company and your product


OS. Indizze has an internal system of points that you will be giving to you complete your personal profile information. In this way they get that you try to improve your image within your directory and you reward climbing positions.

Indizze reward companies with a more comprehensive personal file

This directory is completely free, but it is less effective. It has plenty of web categories so you can find one that suits your business and your customers.


Therefore, from AlabazWeb Pro I recommend that you record in Indizze and add detailed information of interest about your company. You will already see as in a few days, you notice the difference.



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