Grutinet: Supplier of erotic products

If you are thinking about creating an erotic shop online, you have to know Grutinet. This wholesaler has a large catalog of products that will suit many brands. In addition, modules MegaImprotGrutinet and AutoSendGrutinet can automate imports and shipments of products to make your shop management much easier.

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Grutinet: Supplier of erotic products

The dropshipping It is one of the methods of trade that has grown in recent years.  Thanks to this type of business you will forget stores, products, stock, shipping and transport operators because everything that your dealer will do so.

However, delegate many responsibilities entails that locating a provider to measure is a difficult task. However, today we bring you one of the most known of Spain into the world of erotic articles: Grutinet.


Grutinet is one of the most famous erotic products from Spain suppliers


Grutinet has one of erotic products stores the nation's largest. They have a wide range with multiple brands that are continuously updated.

In Grutinet you can find toys, lingerie, condoms, erotic games, oils, lubricants, aphrodisiacs and all the products you need to make your business fully meets your requirements.

Send your orders within 24 hours to your customers and the shipping charges are free provided that they exceed a minimum amount.

This dropshipper has no minimum order, so you won't have to buy products that your customers have not requested. Nor do they have an initial order.

Grutinet allows payment by credit card and cash on delivery, one of the most requested by customers.

It is of erotic products, the supplier undertakes to send packages completely anonymously, without any sign that can identify its content.

Grutinet offers you five different rates for your perusal which best fits your business by what you can choose which best suits your business.

-Basic rate

-Preferential rate

-Professional rate

-Rate Premium

-Rate store


In addition, from AlabazWeb Pro we have developed two modules that work with your dropshipping store in Prestashop so much easier.

Automate shipments and imports your dropshipper are AlabazWeb Pro modules

WithMegaImportGrutinet You can choose which products you want offer your customers and import them directly from the catalogue of Grutinet. You can also choose from import:



-Discontinued products

-Only the product images

-Only categories



-Weights and sizes

-References by name

-Refresh the table of references

-Assign carrier products.


MegaImportGrutinet allows apply a P.V.P. price or a price plus a percentage of profit products in a category, or even determine that percentage will be applied on the basis of price ranges.

In addition, thanks to this module you can automatically perform updates of products, stocks and prices with the settings of a CRON task in your hosting. You can decide how often want the data to be updated.

Combines all these advantages withAutosendGrutinet and your store will be up to date. This module allows you to automatically perform shipments orders from your customers to your dropshipper. In addition you will be able Choose the State in which the request is sent to Grutinet.


Also if you buy thePack with these two modules you will save 6%.


Do not hesitate and improves all the options of your store Pestashop with AlabazWeb Pro modules.

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