Methods to find your drop ship supplier: directories

As we have already seen in previous post, find the perfect dropshipper to shop online is not an easy task. There are many methods to find that ideal provider and today we are presenting the directories.

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Methods to find your drop ship supplier: directories

If you are thinking about becoming part of the vast world of online trading is possible that you've raised you the option of the dropshipping. This type of business, which does not require a big initial investment since you don't have stock or floor space, is one of the new forms of trade which are entering the network stronger.

However, it is not gold that glitters, and achieve success in this type of trading is not easy since the competition can be brutal.

But if you're willing to try to enter this world, today we offer one of the best options to find a dropshipper of first: the Provider directories.


Suppliers directories are a good option if you don't have much time to find your wholesaler


Suppliers directories are databases organized by market niches or types of products which are wholesalers of those sectors. Many of them require an access fee so it is important to find the appropriate directory before you pay for it.

Normally, directories use different research processes to ensure that providers who are part of your database are wholesalers and providers misinformation that can turn your business into a failure.

Therefore, if you are looking for a wholesaler and don't know very well where to start, this can be a good system. In addition, the use of such tools can save you much time in search engines and checks.


Most of the directories charge a fee for which you should assess whether it is worth

On the other hand, just as they have advantages, you also have to know that it is possible that, once you have your store in operation, do not ever need to access the directory if you don't need another provider, by what you should think whether it is worth pay a fee for this.

If you finally decide to go for this option, today we bring you some of the best options.


Wholesale Central

Unlike most directories, this is free since it charges a fee to providers to be part of your database, and includes some advertisements.

He has nearly 20 years experience and contains more than 740,000 products spread over 1,400 suppliers.

They claim that she is responsible for investigating all vendors before placing them in their databases, but perhaps you need a second option. However, being free, there is no problem when you take a look at their lists and if you find your dropshipper ideal, perfect!.


Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands has been in operation since 1999. It is one of the directories with more wholesalers and contains more than 10 million products in its catalog. The price for access to this directory is $ 299 for lifetime.

It is a directory, recognized for its reliability and to include a comprehensive list of legitimate suppliers. Despite the price, it might be very useful.



SaleHoo has a listing with more than 8,000 suppliers and has been working since 2005. If you need to work with the directory only in temporary or do not want to pay a large sum of money, this may be a great option.


Directories are only one option, but if you do not want to spend money on find your provider you can follow all the techniques that you have been counting on the previous post and which may also find it useful.


Remember that if you go by a supplier, it is whatever, and you want to automate the import process products to your online store, the best option is the module for prestashopStar to Drop.

Thanks to this module, you will forget to update the stocks, prices, product catalog or any other information. You will only have to run a CRON task and these imports are carried out automatically when you want and the times you want. It's that easy.

In addition, the module will allow you to manage your own benefits they can establish a sale price, a price more percentage gain and even determine the percentage of profit that will be applied to each product depending on your price range.


Finding a provider is difficult, but get your shop to work perfectly without having to spend hours and hours configuring all the options can be much easier thanks to Star to Drop.


In addition, we have already configured importers for DreamLove)more info), Grutinet)more info) and Infortisa)more info)

Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop  - Addons from PrestaShop

Importer of products of Infortisa for Prestashop

Module that imports and updates the catalogue of the supplier Infortisa, establishing when and what data will be updated automatically and reliably (new, discontinued products, languages, prices...). (Dropshipping)

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