Meet the new Paypal feature: In-Context Checkout

PayPal is a payment method that is characterized by the security offered by its users. Today we present his new feature, Checkout In-Context. Thanks to this improvement, users may pay with Paypal without having to leave the store, and a quick and easy way without neglecting the great advantages of this tool. The new functionality is already applied to the Paypal payment surcharge module for Prestashop 1.6.

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Meet the new Paypal feature: In-Context Checkout

PayPal It is one of the most popular online payment methods that has the confidence of millions of people. Therefore, don't stop improving and show new options to make your users happier every day.


With In-Context Checkout the user can pay without leaving the web site of the vendor


Today we present a new feature of Paypal which is called In-Context Checkout and that we can translate as "payment in the context of the order", i.e., without having to leave the page of the product.

With this new feature, Paypal aims to optimize payment in mobile terminals as tablets or smartphones, are increasingly more users that perform all kinds of shopping through these devices.

Thanks to this new feature, pay with Paypal will be easier and fasterall this coupled with the security that characterizes this payment method.


In-Context Checkout is specially designed to expedite the payment through smartphones and tablets


In addition, also add this enhancement to your store will bring great benefits for your business.

Customers can complete their purchase easily and in a few clicks by so that won't be an excuse to not buy. Either they will have to leave your shop to make the payment and you can buy from their mobile devices without any problem.

As always, this new feature of Paypal complies with all safety requirements and can accept payments without complex PCO requirementskeeping customer data safe.

All these advantages do not compete with the ability of users of Paypal enter, review and approve a payment before performing it.


As you can see, this new feature of paypal is great advantages for your customers, but certainly also for you. You will manage that your users can make payment for your orders easily, without leaving your store and meeting all safety protocols, offering total confidence in your business.


If you want test this new feature, can do so in the demo to Paypal to place at the disposal of all its users. You can access here.


However, Paypal continues to claim a Commission for each order that you make to your store. If you don't want to take charge of this tax, you can purchase our surcharge payment Paypal module for Prestashop 1.6.  With this modules will be the client which assume such a Commission and you will be able to offer you all the advantages of this method of payment.


In addition, our module is already adapted to the new functionality of Paypal, In-Context Checkout, so there are no excuses to offer all its advantages to your customers to charge for you.


Do not hesitate and update your store with all the improvements of Paypal, because confidence in the payment of a product can be decisive for the success of your business.

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