Grutinet: All items for your dropshipping store

Grutinet is known for its large article of erotic products for wholesale dropshipping. However today we present its extensive catalog in other sectoras such as cosmetics, home, fashion... With a catalogue wide tam, automate imports can be a daunting task. For this reason we present GrutinetDrop.

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Grutinet: All items for your dropshipping store

A few weeks ago we talked about Grutinet as a distributor of erotic articles with more recognition in Spain. As well, Grutinet is not only dedicated to this type of articles if not that goes far beyond offering products of pharmacy, home, Bazaar, beverages, fashion, gifts... In short, almost any product you want to sell them have in Grutinet.


Grutinet offers you an extensive catalogue with all the products you need for your store


As with its erotic products, for other items also have a very extensive and varied catalogue with many brands and products.


With Grutinet won't have to make any minimum order, only buy what you need. You are not required to place an initial order, so you won't have to spend anything until not start selling products in your online store.


This dropshipper allow payment with credit card and cash on delivery, to what will be a great incentive for your customers when you buy. Most users prefer to make payment when you receive your product at home. In addition orders were sent to your customers within 24 hours and the shipping charges are free provided that they exceed an amount.


As we have already said in the previous post about this wholesale, offers five rates depending on your needs, offering different advantages to each of them. Your task will be to choose which best suits your business.

-Basic rate

-Preferential rate

-Professional rate

-Rate Premium

-Rate store


AlabazWeb Pro also wants to help you in the management of your store if you go by this kind of Grutinet products.

For this reason, we have development importer moduleGrutinetDrop. With this module, you can import all the information you need. You can choose which products from the catalogue you want import or select them all, choose if you want to display in its category by default, in its parent category, or in the home.


The module will allow you to manage your benefits. You can choose between working with the price recommended by Grutinet or the base price, adding a percentage. You can also decide the profit on each products margin. Just so you will have to indicate what will be the increase in price for each category or create ranges. In this way, the increase in price will be based on the cost of each product.


It automatically imports all the news from our catalog of Grutinet

With GrutinetDrop you can have your catalog always updated with the latest news. You can update prices, stocks, and all the news you want and automatically. You will just have to create a CRON task and updates will be made when your want (once a day, twice a week, etc.).

Adds all the advantages of the immense catalogue of Grutinet to your store without having to do a strain to keep your business up to the last. With Grutinet Drop can automate these tasks and devote that time to whatever you want.

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