Show the cart from any page of your PrestaShop store

If you want your puedna customers view your cart and know everything what you have added from any page, then you need MegaCart. With this module for PrestaShop your customers always have to view the list of products that have in the basket and its cost. They will save time when making the purchase, and will thank you safe.

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Show the cart from any page of your PrestaShop store

Sure you have encountered more than once in this situation: are buying an online shop, here, another there, and from one moment to another, don't know what you've added to the cart, or its cost, size or attributes... For that you have to leave the page where you are and access your cart. When you finish reviewing everything already you do not remember what you were looking for, you've taken too long and your cart has been deleted or anything else that finally makes you give up your efforts.

And, if there is something that, as a seller, you want to avoid at all costs is precisely that, a customer leave when he had the products in your basket. And all for the disorder and chaos.

Do you think that you can not do anything to solve this problem? As for nothing. You can solve it in a way that is easy, fast and with very reduced cost... module for PrestaShop MegaCart.

It offers your customers a more visible and orderly with MegaCart cart

With MegaCart you can offer your customers a more visible cart on the side of your store. When the client passes the mouse over the icon opens a small window showing all the products that have already been added, the quantity of each product, the cost of transport and the final cost.

Carrito desplegado con toda la información de los productos en el módulo MegaCart

The client can see what you have in your cart without leaving the page

In this way, customer will always know has what items in your cart without leaving the page where it will be. So it will be for them much easier and faster to make your purchase.

Discover all the advantages of MegaCart in this video.


As you can see, it is very easy and your customers will thank you.

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