Eliminate exhausted combinations of your products

When you have products with many combinations, it is likely that one of them runs out before elr this. However, PrestaSohop continues to show those options although they are sold out. Until now. Because with the module for PrestaShop MegaAttributes you will not happen. And, in addition, you will improve the display of all the attributes of your products.

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Eliminate exhausted combinations of your products

If you have products with an infinite number of combinations in your shop already you know that PrestaShop allows to choose the products with those options while they have been exhausted.

This creates discontent and confusion among customers there is stock of the product? No? If there is no because the option?

Until now to avoid this problem the only solution was to gain access to the administration of your store and eliminate this combination before any customer would like to purchase the product with those attributes. But that is not always possible.


With MegaAttributes you can improve the display of attributes of your products


However, today we bring you the solution so that this not to happen again.

It's Prestashop.Con MegaAttributes module this module your customers already won't have doubts about products that are available in your store and you can improve the display of all the attributes of your products while maintaining combinations updated depending on your availability.


MegaAttributes allows you to turn the ToolTips option that will expand the image of your product when the customer move your mouse over the attributes that you want to select.

You can also add an image for each combination. In this way the main image of the article will be updated with the options chosen by the customer showing the final result of the product.

You can also select whether you want the attributes to be displayed as buttons or as a drop-down list.


MegaAttributes allows you to hide the combinations in your PrestaShop shop


And when a combination is exhausted? It's okay. You can configure this combination to appear crossed so that the user knows is not available, or simply to disappear.


And if you need it, when you have selected all the options, you can choose the category and products that your settings will not apply.


Do still you don't know if MegaAttributes is what you are looking for? Then watch this video and leave questions:




You can also try all the advantages of the module on our demo.


MegaAttributes the best attributes in PrestaShop display module.

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