Google Plus: Renew or die

Constantly arise rumors about the demise of Google Plus but what's true in these statements? Really come to disappear this social network? You now have some of the recent changes that have been announced.
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Google Plus: Renew or die

It is not the first time that announces the premature death of Google Plus, a few days ago however watched amazed as these rumors of they were firing and multiplied in headlines or tweets.  Although this social network has never reached the figures of others such as Facebook or Twitter, announce his death is a little hasty. It is true that Google has failed to great use user-level have their social network, however, is of great reception among the companies.


Google Plus announces changes but not his disappearance


What is certain is that from Google have announced that there will be several changes and some very requested by users.

It seems that finally the use of Google Plus within Google's services shall not be required, which so far had been compulsory integration.

This fact had caused great controversy, especially on Youtube, since the users who did not have an account of Google Plus could not comment or upload videos to this platform.

Ya no es necesario ser usuario de Google Plus para acceder a YouTube


The changes will be mainly in the social network services and applications


Another important development will be the changes that are being introduced in the applications and services of Google Plus. Especially imminent in the transformation of Google Plus Photos. During the month of August will be to direct a new app that will optimize the old design of this tool from Google.

This new project is very beneficial mainly for companies since Google Photos storage sometimes collapsed and was left short. In addition, if you use Google Plus for companies and want to recover all the photos you uploaded to this platform until it is definitively closed, you can do so using Google Takeout.


Despite these changes does not seem pretty bold talk about the Google Plus dead. Is possible that within a few years this social network not looks like at anda which today we know? Then clear yes, but would it not that the essence of technology?

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