Add the payment on delivery in your online store

If you want to offer your customers the option of cash on delivery payment but by establishing certain limitations and commissions you need the cash on delivery payment module with extra charge and limitations for PrestaShop.

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Add the payment on delivery in your online store

TOa there are many people who distrust enter their data bank on the internet to make a purchase or simply pay before seeing the product they are buying. Therefore, add to your store to cash on delivery payment option may be for you a great advantage over your competitors.


Cash on delivery payment is one of the most chosen by customers


If this option is for you extra expenses, you want customers who select this payment method to take a Commission extra or limit this option to an order of minimum cost, there is a very simple choice: the Module of payment cash on delivery surcharge and limitations for PrestaShop.

With this module you can offer to your customers the advantage of paying orders when receiving them at home and after checking that it is just what you were looking for.


Customize the module with the options you need for your store

Since the administration of your store, you can specify a fixed fee or percentage to be paid by the customer who choose the cash on delivery payment. You can also define a minimum quota percentage when the order is less than the minimum quota and another one second installment and the amount from which applies that another Committee.


You can also enable the payment to cash on delivery from a minimum or maximum amount. Thus, this payment option will not be displayed for amounts below or above the established and disable the payment on delivery to make it appear not available according to:







Also will have the option of selecting carriers for which will be activated is payment option. Thus, payment on delivery option does not appear when customer select the carrier in question.


Discover all the advantages of this module here:

PS 1.4 and 1.5:

PS 1.6:


And in this video:

Please make your customers feel safe while they make their purchases because so they will return and you will notice the difference.

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