Add the complete editor in your PrestaShop store

There are occasions where updates and new technology we are not convinced or have aspects that we would not like to change. This is typically the case of the version1.6 PrestaShop editor. Do not give up the improvements of this version just for this, because we have the solution.

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Add the complete editor in your PrestaShop store

Just update your shop PrestaShop 1.6? Great, you've then seen great advantages and new features offered on earlier versions of this tool. However, there is one thing that the majority of users are complaining, don't you know what it is yet?

New versions include changes that don't always like to users


We are sure that you've already discovered it by yourself and it is that Yes, it is striking.

Effectively. It's the editor TinyMCE that loses some of the tools that we are accustomed to seeing in it in version 1.6.

In this intention to simplify the editor and make it more usable, many of us have lost part of the tools we used to configure the content of our shop.



Do you also happened to you?

Well don't worry from AlabazWeb Pro we are always with our customers trying to make their job easier. For this reason we have created a free module to transform the PrestaShop editor full version 1.6. So you have all the advantages of a new version without losing what you like most of the above.


With the module TinyMCEFull will have your full editor free


What you can get this module? Very easy. Just enter our store and take it with you free of charge. You can find it at the following link:


Once done this will only have to follow the same steps to install any other. Access to the section "My downloads" within your personal space, generates your key and install the module in your PrestaShop shop

This will be the result:




In a few minutes you will be able to enjoy your full editor TinyMCE and without that involves no extra expense to you.


AlabazWeb Pro

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