Practical solutions: Offer payment financed your customers

If you want to offer payment by means of financing to your customers in your PrestaShop online store without worry of commissions, openings,... what you need in the Cofidis module for PrestaShop store. With this module, your customers may shop at your store and finance orders and you can rest easy when working with one of the most recognized companies in this sector: Cofidis.

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Practical solutions: Offer payment financed your customers

When you have an online shop many times we would love you to offer funding in installments of your orders to your customers. However, especially small businesses, cannot afford this type of payment.

If this is your case, an easy way to offer your customers finance their purchases unless you assume no financial risk to you is to allow users orders through the financial institution Cofidis funding.

Offer your customers payment funding will help you to increase your store conversions

COFIDIS invented the system of funding to distance over 30 years ago and therefore are great experts in this field. They get the financing of purchases to be accessible to all and thanks to this you will be able to increase your store conversions and loyalty of your customers.

And now you might wonder, but how I can implement this method in my PrestaShop store? So very easy, because all you'll need is the Cofidis module for PrestaShop's AlabazWeb Pro shops, AwCofidis.

With this module when your customers who do not have the money at the time of purchase may choose to finance your order by Cofidis.

The customer can choose the option to pay with this payment method in the page of the product. It will also be displayed the minimum price to be paid if finance product and a calculator that will allow them to see the price of dues according to the number of instalments payable or the monthly amount that you want to pay.

Calculadora de coutas del módulo cofidis para PrestaShop

When the customer selects this option opens a new window that connects with Cofidis. The entity requests the parameters necessary to grant credit, as this funding would be in physical form at a store. Upon receipt of the report, Cofidis granted credit to your customer.

You will receive the full amount of the cost of the order

And if this outside, this does not imply any risk for your business since you will receive the full amount of your order without having to worry about anything else now that Cofidis responsible for the rest.

The module is delivered with performance guarantee given Alabaz Web Pro is in continuous contact with Cofidis.

He thinks that needs arise at the least opportune moment and don't always have money to pay for them. This practical solution offers your customers. They will thank you and we are sure that they will return to trust in you and your business.

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