New year, new conditions in AlabazWeb

Arrives September and with the changes. In AlabazWeb we also want to join these new developments and, as always, the most important thing for us is to improve and make easier the lives of our customers. Therefore, from September 1, you can take advantage of the new conditions on the purchase of your modules. Do not miss it.
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New year, new conditions in AlabazWeb

September arrives and, with it, the new course, return from vacation, to-DOS, return to old projects... We already know that this week may be something hard and that post-holiday depression runs through your veins more forcefully than ever but, not TE be!

AlabazWeb Pro we know all that, (and suffer it) that want to offer new benefits with the purchase of your modules so that you don't have to worry about them in a looong time.

You can obtain new versions of the modules and free support for 3 months

Our technicians, experts in PrestaShop, are continuously improving our products to adapt to your needs to increase its functionality and, therefore of your store. As well, from today, when you purchase an AlabazWeb Pro module will be with 3 months de updates, enhancements and upgrades. Isn't it great?

When a new version just comes out you will have to access the tab "My downloads" within your personal space at AlabazWeb and get your PrestaShop module update. It is very easy and is few minutes you'll be enjoying all the improvements.

But there is still more. By that if you have questions about configuration, do not have very clear how to use some of the product options or you need help, you will not have to worry about. You will have the support of our technical team to help you in everything you need for free during 3 months.

And when to pass this time? Well do not worry, if you want to continue to enjoy all these advantages just will have to purchase a new license for your module. And in addition, you can get it with a 20% discount on the original price of the product.

Because in AlabazWeb want the best for you, our customers, so your stores does not stop improve and grow and you feel satisfied and proud of your work and, of course, of our.

You can find out if there are new updates for your modules in the "New versions" option in the home of AlabazWeb.

Screenshot 2015-09-01 to the 16.34.24. png

Also we inform you always new versions and updates on Twitter so it is very important that you are attentive. You can follow us on @AlabazWeb.

Don't miss this opportunity and improve your store with the new conditions.

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