The importance of SSL in your PrestaShop store

It is very important to have an SSL certificate installed on your Prestashop store, we tell you why and you will learn how to do it correctly.

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The importance of SSL in your PrestaShop store

Since August of the year 2014, the search engine Google has already announced that in addition to all your applications run under protocols HTTPS were beginning to work to achieve a more secure global internet for all its users with what premiarian pages that have installed certificates SSL (Https).


Today the modification of Google's search algorithm is all a reality and is applied in a very significant way to virtual shops, where no doubt the safety of the user not can be compromised due to the amount of private data that are managed in virtual stores. The famous search engine performs a research work useful to the given end user that prioritizes stores with active SSL virtual stores that lack of it.


There are ways to show that our online store is safe and reliable, the SSL properly installed and configured can be very beneficial to just as Online Trust seals that exist in the market, we can not neglect the image from our shop in the browsers URL bar, it is very important both for search engines and for our clients for example navegais for a virtual store and before confirming your order you see the image below on your browser toolbar automatically you'll lose part of the credibility that you have achieved so far:



It will give little confidence since as you can see there is a problem with the security on the web.


yellow padlock means as indicated in the browser to your users that there are elements in the web are not secure and that other users (malicious) could use this error to modify the web.


Caution If your SSL certificate is not properly installed or incorrectly optimized definitions can be counterproductive, the customer will see the following message



and the worst thing we can do is show the following message to our customers in our shop:



No doubt we need to optimize our online store so our URL is displayed in the following manner:



to get the Green lock on all our pages all calls that are made from any of our website must be performed to URLS https. For example, if we call the following URL to load an image, we will have a padlock image in yellow:


We have to confirm that all calls are of the type:


in this way our padlock will be green and give confidence to our users...


There are even better solutions that lock green such as certificates, EV SSL, which in addition to a green padlock show us green our company name as you can see in the following imagen:l  



Finally indicate that investment in an SSL certificate can not be just looking at the price, for example google indicated that unless the certificate encryption key should be 2048 bit for your key generation and the TLS protocol must be version 1.2.,


Certificate SSL 256 bit Rapid SSL  - hosting Prestashop

Certificate SSL 256 bit Rapid SSL

RapidSSL® certificates help keep safe transactions from your customers using an encryption of 256 bit, accelerating through the inscription with the automatic validation of domain control. 

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