What's new with version 6.2 of MegaProduct

Enhance and improve, that is our motto. So today I want to present the news that contains the latest version, v 6.2, module MegaProduct. This version includes the option of adding proportional measures and help groups in tooltip format and attributes. With this post you will learn to configure these options and get the most out of your module.

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What's new with version 6.2 of MegaProduct

If in AlabazWeb Pro, we have a full module, that is, without a doubt, MegaProduct. Regardless of the measures that have the products you want to sell, they are square, curved, hexagonal... MegaProducts will adapt to all them offering you thousands of possibilities without having to drive yourself crazy by adding an infinite number of attributes.

But everything good is better, and so we work every day, and more if it serves to make your life easier to our customers and improving management of your store settings.


So today I want to introduce the version 6.2 of the MegaProduct module. This new version includes two significant improvements:

  • The possibility of adding an option that achieves a product measures are blocked proportionally. I.e., that when a client select the high, automatically a proportional bandwidth generated custom that we have adjusted the settings, and vice versa.  

  • You can add a new option to support both at group level and attribute as a tooltip.


In this post we are going to teach to configure these settings so that you bring forth the most of your AlabazWeb modules.


1 set proportional measurements of a product

This is a simple option that can be of great help for those product you have to have a particular format. For example, for a picture that has to maintain a proportion of square or rectangular.

To add this option you only have to access the configuration tab of the product of MegaProducts you want to configure.

Once there, you will find the option proportional measures. You just have to choose Yes (e) indicate the measures by default the module will take for the proportion, as shown in the image.



Opcion para añadir medidas proporcionales a MegaProduct


Once this is done, when the client accesses the product in question, you can just introduce measures that maintain that same proportion. In addition, if you enter the high will be generated automatically the width, and vice versa.

Ejemplo de Proporciones


Ejemplo de proporciones


2. Add support groups and attributes using tooltip


Thanks to this type of support can add comments, images and everything you need in the groups and attributes explain to your customers what each option to help them choose which best fits your requirements.

Setting up this type of aid is very simple and it can be very helpful.


First, let's perform the configuration level Group.


To do this, once you have your product created in Megaservicios with all their options, will have to access the tab groups and create the group we need in our product.


We will have to perform this task as always, choosing the options that best suit our needs.


In the option Show help icon It will be where we have to choose the option ToolTip.





Opción de ayuda mediante Tooltip en Megaproduct


If you want to add this option in a group you have already created, you only have to access and modify this option by clicking on the icon of Edit.

Edición de ayuda tooltip en un grupo de megaproduct

Once we have selected the help, we have to just add the information that we want to offer our customers about the group. Here is a group of personalization to upload an image, so we are going to remind customers that so quality image printing must have a minimum size.


To do this, you only have to access the Add icon Description.


Editar grupo para añadir ayuda tooltip



It will be in the Description 2 where You must add the data that you want to appear in the help.


Añadir descripción de la ayuda tooltip en un grupo


Once this is done, when the client pass the mouse over the group, the message that we have added. The result will be the following:


Ejemplo de ayuda mediante tooltip en un grupo

Now, Let's proceed to perform this same configuration, but this time, for the attributes of the products.


Configuration is almost the same and will not affect the way in which we show the attributes in the product.

In this case we will indicate that the poster without framing is delivered perfectly packaged in a cardboard tube so that it does not suffer any damage during transport.


To do this, we will have to indicate in the group to which belongs the attribute that you want to display help in format ToolTip, as we have done in the previous section.


Once done you will have to access the icon Edit the group in which the attribute is on which we want to offer help, in this case group framed:



Acceder a grupo para editar atributo y añadir ayuda

When we are inside the only group we will have to access the edit the value that interests us, in this case without frame:


Editar la ayuda mediante tooltip en atributo


The access will appear both title and description. It will be in Description where will have to add the data that we need:

Descripción de la ayuda tooltip en un atributo


And this is the result of adding help using tooltip on an attribute:


Resultado final de la ayuda tooltip en un atributo


As you can see the configuration of these options it is very simple and can bring great benefits both to you and your customers.


In this demo you can check for yourself how the latest added improvements in the 6.2 version of the MegaProduct module.




Remember that you can download the latest version of the MegaProduct module accessing the tab My downloads within your personal space at AlabazWeb.

If you have any questions about the settings of these options, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through a ticket. To do this you have to access your user account at AlabazWeb and write your request in paragraph Send a ticket.



Module to customize custom products (m2, m3, inches), calculation of structures, weights (kg)  - Product Page PrestaShop Modules

Module to customize custom products (m2, m3, inches), calculation of structures, weights (kg)

Improve your PrestaShop for industrial structured sales with MegaProducts. Designed for businesses that require precise customization of products in measurements (m2, m3, inches) and calculation of structures and weights (kg). Ideal for configuring complex products such as curtains, metal structures, bulk foods and jewelry, simplifying the sale of items defined by mass, length

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