How to create a successful online business idea

In changing today's world, learn how to develop an online business idea can prove instrumental in and mark the success of our business model, for this purpose, it is necessary that we make ourselves a number of questions.
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How to create a successful online business idea

In today's changing world know that way to develop a business idea online can prove instrumental not only succeed in a particular niche market, but will also be key when it comes to rethink ideas and concepts of an existing business, a rethinking may be necessary because of:

The complexity of the markets, the oversupply of products/services and competition.


With all this, take a series of steps or raise a number of issues, can provide a little light in terms of creative, made process which can prove instrumental in the success of an online business idea:


To which group of people is intended to address the idea of online business?Distintos grupos de personas


Establish a group by ranges of ages, people with ofTerminadas hobbies, groups of them, etc.


What are the needs, the environment, the problems, every day of that group of people that we want to focus?

 Atención sobre grupo

Put in that group of people attention needed that allows us to meet your needs and concerns, recording and summarizing those problems that face and that may mark the type of products or services that we offer to try to meet and solve that detected.


How to solve these problems?


Identifying those unmet needs, proposing ideas, articles and services that achieve precisely this =>Meet your needs.

Once designed and drafted all the possible solutions, you can set a prototype that pick up all these ideas.


How should this prototype be?


A prototype of online store can range from a drawing, diagram or mind map, to a store already mounted.

The key will be that this prototype will serve us to get an idea of how will carry out all the ideas designed to the needs of our potential customers. Example of how mental map prototype:

Ejemplo de mapa mental cómo prototipo de tienda online


What do think about the idea?


One of the things to keep in mind, is the difference in perception that may exist between what may seem to us successful and what may seem successful to our potential clients or to people around us. It is for this reason, that has become an obsession, not only within the world of online commerce, but also in business with physical points of sale, the fact of having a measure of the level of customer satisfaction and their views.

Arise and see what better way can get to get answers to all these questions can be used to know what business idea believe that it may be interesting to develop, or how can we articulate new ideas(en un modelo de negocio online ya maduro en el mercado), or even the power to define new customer segments.

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