There are also life after Google

An on-line shop Prestashop which is not governed by the guidelines from GOOGLE surely fails! ... OR NOT?
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There are also life after Google

How many times I hear SEO, GOOGLEappear in the first page of Google, and the like. However, I've heard very few companies (to say no) who tell me, "I want to grow my company so diversified in the market," or what is the same, do not want to focus all my efforts on Google.

This last sentence is so little heard that I wonder how long take to see how important is it for an e-commerce Prestashop diversification efforts to convert safely?

Never have you raised you what would happen if your business is focused exclusively on Google and, suddenly, that you fail to exist in their results?

Well as I is something I have always raised. In my previous post I spoke of working for the customer and not for Google and this talk of How to diversify routes get income that have an online shop to not focus on Google (on an exclusive basis), despite being the No. 1 in Spain search engine.

Speak to you in this post on this subject is because recently I read a very curious case of hacking, phishing, and many others... related to the telematic crimes, (you need to see what you can reach "schemed" to evil to others or to the competition!)   

And this case is not unique, so I wanted to write this.

Any changes in Google's algorithm can make you lose your position in the search engine

The cases of e-commerces who suddenly lose the positioning they had more. On the one hand improvement algorithm by putting more and more complex form Google do SEO and secondly, hackers increasingly use systems more convoluted and difficult to detect by Google and even hacked companies, making these, losing all the positioning they had in a matter of days.

Companies that have 80%, 50%, 60% or any other % of its income through Google should know (all those with more than 50% of its turnover only and thanks to SEO) which fits the possibility that a change of algorithm, by misuse of SEO or an increase in their competence, could be doomed to cuantiosisimas losses.

For this reason, we always say there that find different ways of income, different places that attract audience to your site. And how to do this? Well the first thing is always bringing up a card with the url of page, offering interesting content for your prospects, or seeking other ways of payment advertising, or not, on the internet.

But, this is not the only way to bring people to your site, it is only one more. Another could be the SEO, or even perform actions of traditional marketing, and attend trade shows, publish or advertise in newspapers or magazines from or related to your customers. Summary, use the Marketing online is very good, but we have forgotten that traditional Marketing can also bring us customers.

Diversification efforts can make the difference between success and failure

For this there is a miraculous recipe. Each sector has a few preferences and ways of moving to which your company must adapt. Must furthermore be a bit creative in terms of how to get your client: remember that everything that impacts the user is what remains in our memory (think why reason remember most about ads than others, because that is the marketing), you have to get your client being creative and diversified way for , as I always say, "don't put all the eggs in the same basket".

This is the reason why I say "There is life after Google." Certainly when things going well, you don't stand to think this, but... and if one day you happen to be unfortunately in the place of any of these online stores that have lost a very important part of its turnover by not diversifying efforts?  Would that you would have have diversified your efforts to obtain income from more than one source, rather than focus on a single preferred to? Think about it.

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