I want others to sell my products!

If you have Prestashop and are manufacturer or have a store with many products at good prices, why not use what offer us dropshipping and other websites to sell also our products? You can do it! You only have to read how to get it!

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I want others to sell my products!

If you're safe products wholesaler that you've raised more than once how to get other people to sell your products. Thanks to online trading, and even more to dropshipping, this task is increasingly easier both for wholesalers such as retailers. Then you give the required keys to make your products available from other vendors.

Would you need so that other websites selling my products?

The binSTA is very simple just need to have your product information available quickly, easily and with updated data, especially in the stocks and prices.

So we need a webservice that generates the product data in a format (xml, csv, etc) that administrators of other websites can use to update the data in their products.

What information should you provide from the webservice?

A product in PrestaShop requires lots of information to be configured. There is basic as the name, manufacturer, price, stock data, but we should not limit the information that we provide to our customers to these data but give them all the information available in our PrestaShop quickly.

How to could I export data quickly?Descarga de archivos xml

At Alabazweb we work to improve and facilitate the daily use of PrestaShop and we could not stop side to those companies that they do not want to just sell them alone its products. So we have created or

n new MegaFeed module that will allow you to export the data from our PrestaShop so that other Web sites can sell our products.


Module MegaFeed — generates the necessary XML files so that other websites can import data in a simple way.  Thanks to this module, you can specify which data of the product you want to publish. But, IBS does not want to limit that information we can give to our possible Web managers the following data products:

  • Basic information (name, description, weight, size, VAT, price, stock)

  • Categories

  • Prices specific (offers)

  • Images

  • Combinations

  • Features

In addition, be able to generate separate complete products in an XML data and another only with the stocks and prices.

How can other websites to import this data?

MegaFeedImport permite importador los datos automáticamente

The administrators of other websites who want to sell your products, must import all that information that we publish on their websites to have items with details and prices updated stock. In Alabazweb we have also thought about the other part of this process and, for this purpose, we offer you an importer module of data exported by the Megafeed.

Module MegaFeedImport responsible for imports directly file exported by the MegaFeed module. Automatically, the module will create products with the same data that have the product in the original web with its name, description, images, combinations, features, etc...

In addition, you can schedule tasks cron which is released from the server each time and import new products or just the stock and prices.


Do you need one higher level of automation in the sales process?



When the websites already have your products for sale and start to generate your product orders, manually another store manager must generate those requests on the web that makes dropshipping for products to be sent to the customer.

Alabazweb is working to automate this task also, adding the possibility of incorporating this functionality into new modules that allow the administrator of dropshipping accept orders from other clients automatically and the final website can automatically send orders to the web that make dropshipping, with all the necessary information such as customer data.

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