9 tips for creating a striking headline

Many times, despite writing a high-quality content, not continue to arouse the interest of our users. A key part to achieve this is to write a good headline. Therefore today we give you the keys to attracting readers with only 60 characters.
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9 tips for creating a striking headline

Some days ago I published a post that told you some small tips to create a perfect title. One of those essential premises was to get the attention of the reader because, if you get a headline that hook, you'll have much cattle.

Therefore, in today's post I am going to expand on that idea and offer some tips so that you develop it and logréis holders that make that your users can not stop reading.

1 problem-solution

If you have a product or a service that offers a solution to a problem of your customers it is important for them to know it, and also a great way to draw attention. The most simple formula to start this type of holders is by How...

Example: How to create a perfect headline, how to improve the SEO of your online store...

Bombilla, solución de los problemas

2 factor surprise and curiosity

The surprises in the holders also work very well because they are stimulating to us and, therefore, our attention more quickly. The same occurs with headlines that arouse the curiosity of readers, which lets them intrigued, still read the news the only way to solve this intrigue. Examples: Why can't I have my clients read my blog? When is the best time of posting to social networks? Is the video marketing as effective as they say?

3. it uses numbers

Yes, numbers. It may seem silly, but when you group the content of a post on different ideas and plenty to keep them, it is easier to organize them and make that they call the reader's attention. Example: 5 tips to improve SEO on your shop page, meet the 3 essential modules to improve the usability of your PrestaShop.

4. what good if brief...

This premise must always be present in your headlines: brevity. Titles should be short because they are more legible and remain in the memory of the reader for a longer time. In addition, the search engine indexed it much better and more called the reader's attention. In general, it would be better that a headline does not exceed 60 characters.

5 he reveals a secret

Do you have the key to eternal youth? Probably not, but sure that if you have some secretillo to solve a common problem to which your customers face every day. That Yes, if you offer the solution of a problem, you have to provide this solution. There is nothing worse than failure to comply with that promise. Example. See the 5 key tools to get the maximum out of your PrestaShop, knows all the secrets of dropshipping and become an expert.

6 you are excited

This part, depending on the content you want to treat may be more or less easy to achieve. However, you should always try that title does not describe a product or service without more, but wake up an emotional desire. Just think of Coca-Cola. If they get moved, why your not?

Diferentes emociones

7 I know useful

Excite is important, attention also is, but, if when the client finishes reading the post don't know how could help you what you have read. You why? It is likely that you've lost your confidence. Therefore it is important that the title concentrate that feeling of utility and that, Furthermore, the satisfaja. Example: How to improve the positioning of your PrestaShop store in 7 steps.

8 questions and answers

Questions works well, and if you can also give the nail on the head with a question that ronde by the head of your readers, then read your content will be much easier. As before, it is important that if you are considering a question answer it in the best possible way, if you are considering a problem you have to offer a solution. Examples: is it necessary to be present in all social networks?

si el titular es un preguntar, el contenido debe responderla

9 used resources

Although this is not part of the title, use images, animations, videos... help arouse the curiosity of your users. This type of resources can also include them when promotions your content on social networks.

Of course, combine one or more of these ideas will help you get an even more beneficial owner. Also remember that not enough to draw the attention of the reader, is also necessary to meet your expectations in terms of content.

With this clear and following these tips, we are sure that you can manage your users wait forward to your upcoming posts.

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