Transform Your Online Business: Upgrade to PrestaShop 8 with Alabaz and the Digital Kit

Discover how upgrading to PrestaShop 8 can revolutionize your online store, enhancing security and efficiency. With Alabaz, a PrestaShop expert and digitalizing agent, take advantage of the Digital Kit to keep your store up-to-date.

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Transform Your Online Business: Upgrade to PrestaShop 8 with Alabaz and the Digital Kit

Discover the Benefits of Upgrading to PrestaShop 8

At Alabaz, we understand the importance of keeping your online store at the forefront of technology. Upgrading to PrestaShop 8 is not only a step towards greater security, but also towards a host of improvements that will boost your online business. If you have access to the Digital Kit, this upgrade is even more accessible.

Exclusive Benefits of PrestaShop 8

Enhanced Security

  • Improved Password Management: With stricter password policies and options for periodic changes, PrestaShop 8 strengthens your store's first line of defense.
  • Advanced Protection against SQL Injection Attacks: An improved system to protect you from one of the most common and damaging threats on the web.
  • Compliance with PCI Standards: Essential for stores that process card payments, ensuring a secure shopping environment.

Superior Performance and Improved User Experience

  • Support for PHP 8.1: Take advantage of the latest performance and security improvements offered by the most recent version of PHP.
  • Integration with Symfony 4.4: Improves code structure and efficiency, taking your site's performance to new levels.
  • Modern Image Formats: With support for WebP, your store's images will load faster without losing quality, improving user experience.

Expanded Product Management Features

Product Handling with Combinations: A revamped interface that makes creating and managing product variations easier, optimizing times and improving administration experience.

More Intuitive Price and Inventory Management: Enhanced tools for accurate inventory management and effective pricing strategies.

Efficient Image Management: Batch actions and replacement of existing images to simplify the management of your store's visual media.

Optimizations for Multistore Shops

Simplified Management for Multistores: Intuitive tools to assign products to specific stores and manage products efficiently across multiple stores.

Take Advantage of the Digital Kit and Upgrade to PrestaShop 8

At Alabaz, we want the upgrade to PrestaShop 8 to be as simple as possible. That's why our expert team handles everything from the initial planning to the final implementation, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted transition in your business operations.

If your business takes advantage of the Digital Kit, this upgrade can be even more accessible. At Alabaz, we are digitalizing agents and we advise you in the application process so that you can make the most of these aids and renew your online store with the latest technologies and security standards offered by PrestaShop 8.

Step into the Future with PrestaShop 8 and Alabaz

The upgrade to PrestaShop 8 is more than a version change; it is an evolution towards a safer, more efficient, and market-adapted online business. At Alabaz, we are ready to support you every step of the way on this journey towards innovation. Contact us today to discover how upgrading to PrestaShop 8 can transform your online store.

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