It activates your module and start enjoying all its benefits

When you make a request to you will receive a registration email at the time of confirming the payment and a downloadable file with the purchased product that you can download from your client area on our website, under the heading "My downloads".

The receipts will be sent to the address of email that customer completed their registration online store They may also be consulted on user account created by the customer in the shop. To do this you must Access from Access to customers, introducing email and password in the registry.

Once you've downloaded the zip file module, you can generate the activation key, that will be needed to complete the installation process. For this purpose enter to "Activation of modules". Remember that each download will be valid for a domain, i.e. for a key.

When you have your password already you can enter it in the back office of your shop and proceed to the configuration of the module.

An order shall be deemed delivered and activated at the time that the user download the product from My downloads or fill in your license data from the section Activation of modules.

Cancellation or returns of orders once downloaded

In AlabazWeb No refunds of our digital products Since it's software and, therefore, it is not a tangible product. Once sold we can not refund the order under any circumstances, except a causes attributable to Alabazweb. In that case, from AlabazWeb, we will study the origin of the problem to try to offer a solution to the customer, dedicating to it our maximum capacity, provided that it is within the warranty period established by trade. You can consult our legal terms of use here.