RMA Module Returns


Module to manage exchanges and returns of merchandise directly from your Prestashop store

Prestashop Version: 1.6
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Why do I need this module?

With our AWRMA module for prestashop stores you can manage size or product changes and returns in the easiest way for you and your customers. In addition, a credit invoice for the orders will be generated and everything is recorded in the user account so that customers are always informed of the status of their order.

Thanks to this module:

Your customers they can request the change of size, color, size of an order as well as the return if they have not been satisfied with the product. They will not have to send an email, nor call by phone as they will be able to carry out all the arrangements of the online store itself.

You you will offer your customers the option to change or return the product they have purchased from your PrestaShop store quickly and easily. It will also be advantageous for you since you can manage the whole process from the backoffice, without having to perform processes external to the web.

All the functionalities of the module:

If a product doesn't convince you, return it

Easy, fast and simple. If your customer buys a product and when they arrive home is not completely satisfied, they can easily return it. The users of your prestashop will be grateful to be able to carry out the whole process from the web.

In addition, the whole process will be clear as they will be able to control the states through which they pass their return until they receive the payment of the same.

Change the color and size of a product from your customer account

How many times do your customers get confused with the size of a product and is it necessary to make a change to the order with all that this entails? I'm sure it's happened to you more than once. With AWRMA it's very simple. Customers will be able to request the change of size, color... of a product they have already received at home.

As an administrator of your prestashop you only have to access returns and confirm the change.

Once the return passes through the status indicated in the module, a new order will be generated for the amount of the product with the new size.

Create credit memos and new orders with the states you want

With AWRMA you can configure in which return states credit memos are created to the customer and a new order is generated with the product that the customer wants to change. This way you will have controlled the billing directly from the backoffice of your prestashop.

Customers and admins always informed

That your customer is informed of the return process is important, but you also have to be aware of everything that happens in your online store. That's why, thanks to AWRMA, you'll be able to manage the emails of store employees so they get a notification when there's a return.

In addition, the customer will also receive an email when he/she makes his request so that he/she has the complete peace of mind that it has been managed correctly.


If you want your customers to be able to manage the changes and returns of their orders in the simplest way and have maximum control of your PrestaShop, do not hesitate, AWRMA is your module.