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Senior ICT sector Agroganadera session

Published : 07/02/2013 00:00:00
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Senior ICT sector Agroganadera session

Since the Center demonstrator TIC of Extremadura e-commerce solutions were presented to the agri-food sector.

Using ICT were about different proposals for the Agroganadera and agri-food sector, each company outlined some of the difficulties that were when selling online, or questions about the possibilities it offered Internet sales to improve their companies and were given solutions at the moment.


Alabaz Web Pro expuso soluciones aprovechando las nuevas tecnologías, TIC para ayudar a las empresas en la venta y gestión de sus productos, en sectores como la alimentación, la ganadería y la agricultura.



At the end of the Conference held meetings were personalized with each company, to treat in depth possible solutions to modernize their enterprises.

At the same time it was celebrating the Agroexpo fairwhere each company had its particular exhibitors who presented their products.

It was a very rewarding and enriching day for all who witnessed.


Presentacion de soluciones de Alabaz Web Pro para que los sectores relacionados con la alimentacion, la ganaderia y la agricultura utilicen las tecnologias, como el comercio electronico para ayudarles en la gestion y la venta de sus productos.




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